b'advertising featureContrasting wallpaper designs in matching colour combinations freshen up a room: Endless Summer from the Vision Esprit Home collection.inner changeResene Red HotResene Sea FogForget the negativity and gloom of the wider world. Do somethingimmediately around the front door, the entry sets the welcomingpositive in your home by giving your walls a fresh new look with mood for you and your guests.Because it is generally small, make affordable wallcoverings. This classic stripe and modern oral fromthis one of the rst spaces you tackle.Its a smallish bite out of yourthe Vision Esprit Home collection will add impact and interest for lessdecorating budget, but gives a high impact result.than you thinkand it will cheer you up with its bright and breezy design. Wallpaper is denitely back in style, but now its quick andThen once youve seen the positive impact it makes, head on to other easy to install, and to replace. rooms of the house and try fresh designs there too. Decide to dress up one wall or more, perhaps starting with the The Vision Esprit Home collection wallpaper designs and more are entrancetoyourhouse.Evenifyouhaveanopenplanspace on view now at your Resene ColorShop or visit www.vision.co.nz.'