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Welcome to Resene's decorating blog – pg. 6

Paint your home beautiful. Discover the latest decorating trends, tips and colour news!

Decorating blog - tips, trends and colours

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Trends for spring colour

View these four trending spring colour palettes brought to you by Resene... more

07 December, 2018

DIY: Have yourself a sparkly Christmas

Forget all of those pricey Christmas decorations and wrapping paper. Here are three fab Christmas projects to try... more

02 December, 2018

Tenant decoration: how far do you go?

How do you keep good tenants? By keeping them happy. One way to do that is to allow your tenants to create a sense of home in the rental property... more

23 November, 2018

Timeless kerb appeal, without spending a fortune

Here are five key areas of the property to consider for maximum kerb impact, for minimum outlay... more

16 November, 2018

Changing spaces… with paint

Clever use of paint colour can do a lot to change the visual perceptions of a space... more

11 November, 2018

Weathered blues go from serene to stormy

Blue. It’s a colour almost everybody loves in one shade or another. Blue is a colour that immediately evokes calmness and serenity... more

09 November, 2018

Painting the perfect lifestyle / Colour up your country lifestyle

When your livelihood is tied to the land you live on, turning your home into a sanctuary is even more important... more

07 November, 2018

Resene Colour Trend Report: Fruit tones go bold

One of the most appealing and delightful design trends this year is the appearance of fresh, vibrant fruity colours... more

06 November, 2018

Home is where the colour is

Treat your rental as a blank canvas to which you can add a removeable and changeable layer of decoration... more

04 November, 2018

Putting the great back into outdoors

Turning your outdoors area into a useful, attractive place need not mean weekend after weekend of backbreaking work... more

01 November, 2018

Renovating with kids

Getting your children involved in the process will make it a fun time for all of the family... more

16 October, 2018

Making Mondrian at home

The bold geometric abstraction style of early 20th century Dutch artist Piet Mondrian has struck such a chord with modern sensibilities... more

15 October, 2018

Kids outdoor projects and ideas

Having fun outdoors can happen in your own backyard no matter how big or small. Here are some ideas on how to entice your youngsters outdoors... more

12 October, 2018

8 budget-friendly nursery decorating tips

Here are 8 budget-friendly ideas on getting your nursery looking great in time for the birth... more

11 October, 2018

It’s only natural – how the outdoors affects our indoors

The colours and patterns of nature have always found a way into our homes... more

10 October, 2018

Global roaming from your armchair

Travel is just one of the ways styles and traditions from other cultures make their way into our homes... more

20 September, 2018

Colours that make you smile

There is nothing quite like opening the front door of your home and feeling your whole mood lift ... more

19 September, 2018

The warming of whites

For many years, the go-to whites of the decorating world have been clean, cool and dense. Now, that’s changing. Whites are becoming warmer... more

28 June, 2018

Cosy up the Colour

Escape from the icy outdoors and hibernate with these cosy interior ideas this winter... more

10 June, 2018

Decking out a home office

When it comes to design, creating an environment that ensures productivity is key... more

22 July, 2017

Tips for updating your laundry room

An overhaul can be beneficial not only for added functionality but to create a more soothing, less dreary mood... more

26 June, 2017

Decorating your kitchen

Wondering what colour to paint your kitchen? Look to the current trends for inspiration... more

15 April, 2017

Dark paint or light paint for a small room? That’s the ultimate question for small-space dwellers... more

09 April, 2017

Top bathroom decorating trends

Today’s bathrooms are all about luxury and high-end design. Follow these four trends to bring your dream bathroom to life... more

13 March, 2017

How to hold onto summer all year round with colour

Here's a little inspiration to get you started on a new interior design colour scheme to enjoy that summery feeling throughout the year... more

09 February, 2017

5 decorating tips for couples moving in together

Blending different home decorating ideas, contrasting colour personalities, and favourite furniture isn't easy but it can be done... more

31 January, 2017

How to find inspiration for your home colour palette

Colour is the secret to setting the mood and having a cohesive style and flow throughout your home... more

27 January, 2017

7 colours minimalists will love

For anyone with a deep love of simple colour palettes, these shades could lift a design from sterile to cosy, without compromising the minimalist style... more

25 January, 2017

4 ideas for decorating your teenager’s bedroom

Use the following four themes as inspiration for tastefully unique teenage bedroom designs... more

24 January, 2017

Orange is the new black: How to use this vibrant hue in your home

Learn how to use this vibrant hue in your home. Orange could be the perfect addition... more

17 January, 2017

3 paint colours that can help you sell your home

Here are three of the top paint colours that may help you seal the deal... more

15 January, 2017

4 fun DIY projects for your summer break

Summer is the perfect time to get a little crafty, and there is a huge range of fun projects for you to try... more

20 December, 2016

Top paint colour matches for wooden flooring

Here are some of the top paint colours to try in your home to accentuate those timbers!... more

18 December, 2016

How to make the most of colour in kids' bedrooms

Don't be afraid to embrace colour, says interior designer Anna Cuthbert from Cuthbert Interiors, because every time you look at it you'll feel good... more

15 December, 2016

Top tips for a tiptop paint finish outside

Planning to paint outside? There are plenty of ways to improve your home with paint... more

13 December, 2016

The do’s and don’ts of selecting a new colour scheme for your home

There are so many things to think about when picking out a new paint colour scheme at home, so we've simplified it all with a few easy do's and don'ts... more

07 December, 2016

DIY not as tough as it looks

According to Resene specialists, following a few simple guidelines will help ensure painting efforts are effective, lasting and importantly, safe... more

16 November, 2016

What to do with your kid’s old bedroom

Have your kids flown the coop? If so, you can probably stop holding on to their old bedroom and find a better use for it... more

31 October, 2016

How can painting your home be relaxing?

Picking out paint is a chance to invite a little bit of freshness into your home, and as long as you take your time, you can find the process quite relaxing... more

10 October, 2016

The colours we choose to surround ourselves with are indeed indicative of our true selves... more

20 September, 2016

How to paint when there are pets in the house

If you don't want your animals to traipse through your work zone then check out these tips on how to paint with pets... more

27 July, 2016

History of the world’s favourite colour: Blue

Why is blue the most well-liked colour worldwide? Read on to learn about the story behind blue's popularity... more

22 July, 2016

4 tips DIY home decorators wish they’d gotten before remodelling

When taking interior designing into your own hands, then you need to check out these four tips before you get started to achieve maximum energy... more

16 July, 2016

Is it your diet, or your decor?

Believe it or not, but the tones we see in everyday life have a big impact on the subconscious. And one of those impacts includes appetite... more

30 June, 2016

What does the colour of your front door say about you?

The psychology behind the colours we choose to incorporate into our lives can be reflective of our natural character... more

24 June, 2016

Using colour for health and wellbeing

Certain colours are known to influence our wellbeing and stimulate positive emotional responses... more

19 June, 2016

Feature walls

There’s no quicker, easier or more affordable way to make a statement in a room than to give it a coat of brightly coloured paint... more

23 April, 2016

Bringing out the best in your home

Learn how to bring out the best in your villa, bungalow or character home with paint... more

17 April, 2016

How to use plants to help your interior look green and stay clean

Have you ever considered adding plants to your interior design to help freshen up the air?... more

01 April, 2016

When is the best time of the year for renovations?

Are you considering a few updates around the house in the next 12 months? Take a look at our guide to decide when is best for you... more

27 March, 2016

Japanese-inspired home design

Clean wooden floors, smooth bamboo furniture and a harmonised space – these are all vital essentials of a Japanese-inspired home design... more

20 March, 2016

The top 10 reasons to try wallpaper

While painting can be plenty of fun and will undoubtedly look great, check out these 10 reasons to consider wallpaper, instead.... more

14 March, 2016

3 new ways to use old paint

Instead of letting them gather dust, here are a few ways to use up that old paint!... more

10 March, 2016

Innovative uses for ordinary household items

Find extremely creative uses for ordinary household items that give your home a rustic, homely but contemporary feel... more

02 March, 2016

How to make pack-up time fun with your kids

Take advantage of our special purpose product range to help you encourage efficient pack-up time... more

26 January, 2016

How to make a small kitchen appear larger with Resene paints

With your Resene paint colour choices you can liven up your kitchen and make it appear more spacious than it is... more

15 January, 2016

Pantone’s 2016 Colours of the Year

Learn how to incorporate Pantone’s 2016 Colours of the Year with Resene... more

14 January 2016

So, what are the best 10 things people would ideally like in a home?... more

19 December, 2015

Christmas DIY gift ideas!

Show off your Santa workshop skills with these DIY gift ideas!... more

25 November, 2015

DIY Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags

Ho ho ho! Learn how to make your own Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags... more

21 November, 2015

Bring the magic of Monet to your space this spring

Infuse a botanical essence into your home without being too stereotypical. Look to one of the great masters of Impressionism, Claude Monet... more

12 November, 2015

Spotlight on nautical inspiration for Spring

Here we take a look at some refreshing ideas for spring that can vitalise your space... more

10 November, 2015

Top 3 wallpaper worthy views to photograph on your travels

With Resene WallPrint, you can transform your photos into a custom designed wallpaper, giving them pride of place in your home... more

05 November, 2015

10 paint colours inspired by Guy Fawkes fireworks

Bring Guy Fawkes home without the fire hazards by painting your walls in these colours... more

20 October, 2015

3 fun DIY paint ideas for a breakfast in bed tray

A handy breakfast-in-bed tray goes a long way, and there are ways to revitalise the simple tray into a work of art using DIY paint methods... more

12 October, 2015

Zen zone

Prioritise your health by designing a meditation room... more

22 September, 2015

Halloween inspired paint colours

Boo! Do you dare to see 5 paint colours inspired by Halloween?... more

19 September, 2015

What are good spots for adding a pop of colour?

We often read in interior design magazines or decorating recommendation books that a 'pop' of colour is a great way to breathe some life into a space... more

17 September, 2015

Feeling blue from lack of creativity?

If you feel like banging your head against the table from lack of creative inspiration, looking at the colour blue might prove to be just what's needed... more

16 September, 2015

Bohemian beachy bach

Revamp your holiday home with the latest trend in interior design: Boho-chic?... more

15 September, 2015

How can you make your desk space healthier?

Here are some tips for setting up your desk space with health and wellness in mind... more

11 September, 2015

Colours for a tea party

Here are fifteen paint colours that the Mad Hatter would love for a tea party... more

10 September, 2015

Filter:  budget | colour trends/inspo | colour theory | kids | design styles | DIY projects/maintenance | home organisation | curtains | wallpapers

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