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Orange is the new black

From the Resene decorating blog

Learn how to use this vibrant hue in your home.

Orange in a living area makes the most of the colour's warmth

Orange in a living area makes the most of the colour's warmth.

When you're craving a splash of colour in your home and want to do something a little different, edgy orange could be the perfect addition.

It's bright and funky and can be used in numerous areas around the home. Here's a little more on this vibrant colour and how you can introduce it to your own interior design scheme.

The colour psychology of orange

As a combination of red and yellow, orange embodies many of the best traits of those two colours. Red is all about passion and stimulation, while yellow is the definition of happiness – together, they create a hue that's as stimulating as it is cheerful!

When used in a room, it can help keep your mood upbeat, and can even help you be more creative. The warmth of orange paints help make any space more welcoming and cosy, and its strength pairs particularly well with a range of neutral colours.

Orange in the living area

When you introduce orange into a living space, it capitalises on the colour's warm and welcoming vibe.

Living spaces are often where we spend the most time, especially when relaxing with family and friends. Whether that's watching a movie together or enjoying a bottle of wine, you want to create a space that instantly puts everyone at ease and makes them feel welcome. Orange achieves this with its earthy tones, especially hues that are nearing the burnt, darker hue of the colour.

Resene Tango is a wonderful example of a slighter deeper, darker orange that can create warmth and atmosphere in your living space.

Orange in the office

Do you have a home office you're looking to renovate? Consider a creative orange tone for those walls!

Another positive aspect of this colour is its connection with creativity. It's often said that as orange is on the daring and different side, it can help you think in ways that are a little more daring and different, too. There is almost no job on earth that doesn't benefit from a little creativity, whether that's within the work itself or simply finding new ways to solve problems. Orange may also help you stay upbeat on those tough and busy days that seem to drag on forever.

Try a touch of a medium orange that's neither too bright or too soft, such as Resene Sun, that may help make those working days at home a little brighter!

Orange in the bathroom

Bathrooms are usually on the smaller side, and are often painted with neutral colours such as white.

Use a splash of orange in the bathroom

A splash of orange in this bathroom turns bland into beautiful. To view more of this project see "Banning beige"

Make a splash of a different kind by inviting a new colour into your bathroom and painting a wall or two orange. In this case, a brighter version of the colour is a good choice as it helps keep the space lively. If you think painting all the walls in this hue might be too much, consider a feature wall instead and pair it with a few orange furnishings such as toothbrush holders or mirror frames to tie it all together. The infusion of colour will take the room from bland and purely functional to fun and bright. Plus, orange on the walls may even help offer you a little more energy on mornings where you struggle to wake up properly!

Due to the nature of bathrooms, you will need a product such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen.

› If you're keen to use orange but not sure about painting a full wall, why not upcycle an old picture frame, terracotta pot or furniture?

January 17, 2017

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