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3 paint colours that can help you sell your home

From the Resene decorating blog

Here are three of the top paint colours that may help you seal the deal.

Selling your home

It's less common to purchase a home and never intend to sell it, so at some stage it will no doubt come time to think about how to best market your house.

Perhaps you painted it a colour that best suited your personality when you moved in but suspect it may not be to the taste of potential buyers? Or perhaps you'd simply prefer to spruce the place up a bit to make it as attractive as possible? Either way, repainting the interior of your home may help make the purchase even more attractive and eventually contribute to the sale.

There are a number of fairly safe bets when it comes to interior design for selling a home, and they're not all various shades of white! Here are three of the top paint colours that may help you seal the deal.


As the 50 Shades of Grey book series grew in popularity, so too did the literal paint colours in dozens of different variations of this hue.

It's different enough from white and cream hues to stand out without overpowering the room, and it can be a pale enough colour that it helps to open up a space. Grey has gained popularity in the interior design field for its sleek, stylish appearance – especially in modern homes. For example, this colour can work particularly well in newer apartments and houses that contain relatively contemporary styles. Plus, it works in many spaces and gives a funky chic style to any interior room!

Try Resene Quarter Rakaia on your walls for a soft, sleek and seriously stylish look on your walls.

A chic grey home interior

Grey offers a chic atmosphere in modern living spaces.

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A calming pale blue interior

Pale blue is a calming colour for any room in the house.

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If you'd love to get a more vibrant tone on your walls, blue will likely be your best option.

This is a multi-functional colour that's a favourite for many rooms in a house. For example, it's a great option for bedrooms as the cool, soothing tones of lighter blue can help create a relaxing atmosphere where you can slide off to sleep with ease. In office areas, it's said that blue is a colour that may help with productivity as the calming hue can help you focus on your work. In main areas such as the living or dining spaces, pale blue once again offers a serene atmosphere. Try to steer away from darker tones for selling a home, as these may be too overbearing for some buyers.

For a pop of colour that sits calmly in the background, try Resene Duck Egg Blue in any room in the house. Colours like Resene Duck Egg Blue are a mix of grey and blue and are a popular and timeless alternative to more neutral colours.


Tan isn't just something you do at the beach, it's also a versatile tone that works well across a huge number of interior spaces.

This earthy colour is a paler shade of brown and is versatile for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's a neutral colour but still offers plenty of character, which means it can stand alone without much further adornment in the room. Secondly, it can also act as a background shade to allow other decorations to take centre stage. Tan is a classic, warm and glamorous colour that, like grey, is also light enough to make small spaces appear a little large and roomier than they really are.

Resene Dairy Cream is a fantastic tan colour that you can use in your home to help increase your chances of a sale. It especially suits more traditional homes or homes in cooler areas.

When selling your home, remember first impressions count! So make sure you assess your property the way buyers will. Does your letterbox and front door need a new paint finish to help welcome in potential buyers?

January 15, 2017

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