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4 fun DIY projects for your summer break

From the Resene decorating blog

Summer is the perfect time to get a little crafty, and there is a huge range of fun projects for you to try.

How to make ladder shelving

To view more of this project see "Ladder shelving"

Here are just four examples of DIY projects you can complete at home this summer for some fresh home decor and a fun day or two creating something beautiful!

1. Ladder shelf

Ladder shelves are extremely trendy right now, and not particularly hard to make, either!

You'll need two long pieces of wood from your local hardware store for the sides, and three or four squares of wood for the shelves. Plus, you'll need sandpaper, a hammer and nails, and rubber non-slip pads for the feet and craft felt pads for the edges that will lean against the wall. Sand down all the edges for a smooth finish and coat the timber in a Resene Colorwood stain before you start putting everything together.

Be sure to lean the sides against the wall before you nail in the shelving. This way, you can see exactly where and how each shelf should sit in order to offer a flat surface (pro tip: many smart phones can work as levellers with the right app!). Once the wood stain has properly dried, don't forget to add non-slip pads to the ladder's feet and felt tips to the tops so it doesn't damage your wall. If you have young ones around or want to be sure it won't get knocked over, consider affixing it to the wall.

2. Crate shelves

Crate shelves are fun and easy, and you can even get the kids involved as a school holiday project!

Ask around or visit your nearest recycling centre to track down four or five wooden crates. Clean them and let them dry, then choose a few of your favourite Resene paint colours and spend an afternoon giving each one a couple of coats.

Once the paint is dry, try different ways of stacking them together. Once you've found one you like, add a few small nails (the grown ups can do this part) to keep it all together.

How to make crate shelves

Crate shelves

Create crate shelving for a unique and fun pet project. To view more of this project see "The hunter collector"

How to paint plant pots

Painted pots

Painted pots for pot plants can liven up a space! To view more of this project see "How to make a potato print"

3. Chalkboard serving tray

Have you got some leftover Resene Blackboard Paint sitting around?

For this project, you'll need a large piece of wood that will be the serving tray. You'll also need two handles that you can grip (like the ones on a kitchen cupboard) and painter's tape.

Place the tape around the edges of the top of the wood, leaving a large square in the centre. Fill this middle section with your blackboard paint, and leave to dry. Once you attach the handles, you can write on the blackboard with chalk to explain what each item is. For example, you can label different cheeses and chutneys at your next dinner party!

4. Painted pots

Painted pots is another great project for the kids to get involved with, and it's a super quick and easy one that you can do within a day.

Pick up several pots (they can be all shapes and sizes for a bit of variety) from a hardware store then head over to your nearest Resene ColorShop to have fun choosing colours. You can even grab a bag of soil and a few plants to fill them with!

Bright colours will always liven up a room, and don't forget you can create patterns or write words for something a little different.

December 20, 2016

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