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4 ideas for decorating your teenager’s bedroom

From the Resene decorating blog

Use the following four themes as inspiration for tastefully unique teenage bedroom designs.

A blue teen bedroom

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There is a point where every child crosses the threshold into teenager-dom and starts to have their own opinions and ideas. Celebrating your child becoming a teenager by decorating their bedroom is a great idea, but it involves finding a delicate balance between embracing their emerging personal style and guiding the project. In the end you want to achieve a deliberate effect rather than complete mayhem. Aim for a look that your teenager will stick with throughout their high school years, to avoid having to repaint when they feel like they have outgrown the florid pink or bright orange they loved when they were 13.

Use the following four themes as inspiration for tastefully unique teenage bedroom designs.


Above pretty much everything else, teenagers just want to have fun. Young adults can get away with having a collision of bright colours in their bedroom, so let them run riot. This is where bright colours, crisp geometric shapes and bold stripes come into play. While your teenager can be fairly autonomous with the design, offer advice on the best colour combinations, and factor in the mood they wish to achieve.

Girls may like to pair hues such as Resene Colour Me Pink and Resene Aqua, for an energetic, yet calming combination.

Boys may like to be a little more minimalist, but they can bring bright colours into their bedroom with striking shelves, or other furniture. Pops of happy yellow like Resene Energy Yellow can boost optimism, fitting for moody adolescents.

A fun teen bedroom

Bold colours, like Resene Glamour Puss, and daring stripes can suit a high-energy teenage room.


Teenagers thrive on drama. When it comes to painting their bedroom, they may lean towards darker shades, or even have the desire to paint their whole room black to match their mood. Bringing a touch of drama into a teenager's room can work well – if you limit the amount.

Black, for example, can be a sophisticated colour that speaks of independence when used well. Too much can be oppressive, though. Steer your teenager towards having one feature wall or stripes instead of painting the whole room in one dramatic shade. Balance the black paint with lighter colours elsewhere in the room, such as with a bright rug, beanbag, or bedspread.

In place of pure black, you can also suggest colours such as Resene Black Rock (a blue dominant violet) or Resene Blackout (a carbon brown). These shades still bring the drama, but with slightly less typical teenage angst.


Being a teenager can be difficult, with hormones running wild, and social and school pressures weighing on young shoulders. Building a serene and relaxed space can give your teenager a comfortable escape, a place to recharge and collect themselves. The key to making their room a sanctuary is to choose colours that have a calming effect.

A serene teen bedroom

Resene Biloba Flower is a feminine violet that helps create a stress-free zone.

For teenage girls, lavender or mauve shades such as Resene Essence or Resene Abbey Road are subtle and elegant. These pastel shades have the added bonus of looking more adult, so they will pass the test of time as she gets older and wants to leave more 'girly' trappings behind.

For boys, blues and greens are subtle and relaxing. Resene Hope and Resene Half Cut Glass are both soothing blue-green shades well suited to boys' rooms.


Let your teen connect with their creative side and put a truly personal flourish on their room by including a Resene Blackboard Paint feature wall. All you need to do is allocate one section of wall for black chalkboard paint, supply your teen with chalk, and let them come up with their own wall designs.

Resene Magnetic Magic is another fun way to give teenagers creative freedom with decorating. Paint an area of wall with the magnetic paint, then paint over it with any colour of your teen's choosing. They can then hang posters or photos of their friends on the wall, personalising their space.

January 24, 2017

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