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Do you want plain or patterned curtains?

When you are choosing which curtains to purchase for your home, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether to get plain or patterned curtains.

If the room you are doing renovations in already contains a lot of multi-coloured furniture, or its walls are covered in patterned wallpaper, you might want to stick with plain curtains.

They will offer some respite from the busy atmosphere the rest of your possessions and decoration choices are creating.

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Picking a colour scheme for older clients

The colour scheme you choose for a client's home can be impacted by many factors.

You might be inspired by current trends in the ever-changing world of interior design, or by the furniture you find in your client's home.

There is no right or wrong method for seeking inspiration. However, there are probably a few you have never even thought of.

For instance, it is common to take children's ages into consideration when decorating their rooms.

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Are you familiar with wall decals?

If you operate in the home-decorating sector, you may be familiar with wall decals.

These beautiful graphics have taken the interior design world by storm and are currently working their magic in modern homes all over the world.

If you want to transform an otherwise blank wall into a work of art that really packs a punch, add a wall decal.

While it may be quick and easy to apply one of these, we promise it will look as though a professional spent many hours painting this decoration just for you and your client's room.

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Wonderful ways to use wallpaper

Do you love the look of wallpaper, but can't stand the thought of plastering an entire room in it?

This could be because you're short on time, or you think a room with four wallpaper-covered walls might feel a little too overwhelming.

Well, we've put together a few home decorating ideas that will solve this problem once and for all. Put your creative thinking cap on and consider the following ways to use wallpaper!

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Get inspired by your shoes

Those who make a career out of interior design are always searching far and wide for home decorating ideas, whether it's in the pages of glossy magazines or in the depths of their own minds.

However, says the Paint Quality Institute, inspiration may not be as far away as you think.

In fact, it could be right under your nose.

If you are ever struggling with a bedroom design and simply can't come up with a colour palette that works, try checking out your shoes!

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Flower Power

While we tend to think of interior design trends as moving forward, many people are starting to look back for inspiration when it comes to wallpaper.

This is evident in the growing popularity of floral wallpaper, which is being used by professionals all over the world to add a nostalgic twist to their otherwise ultra-modern designs.

From time immemorial, we have always been obsessed with flowers. In fact, Florigraphy, which looks into the language of flowers, is an actual field (excuse the pun) of study.

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Need curtains for a dark room?

There are always challenges when it comes to interior design.

One you may or may not have come across is selecting curtains for dark rooms.

As if finding the right curtains to match a certain design scheme wasn't hard enough, sometimes you're faced with a room that desperately needs both the natural light of its windows and the privacy only a pair of curtains can bestow.

So, how do you go about filling both needs?

First of all, do not pick dark, heavy curtains. These will only make the room feel smaller and more shadowy.

We suggest going with a bright colour – white or cream, if you want something simple and elegant, or you could try a very pale pastel.

Instead of hanging curtains made from thick fabric, opt for curtains that are sheer. These will still make sure anyone walking past won't be able to see into the room, but should still allow much-needed light to leak in.

However, if you have your heart set on some gorgeous, heavy drapes, simply use these drapes as more of a ‘window frame’ – leave them open during the day and close them at night.

Hang stylish net curtains underneath, which will effectively block out the neighbours and not the sun.

If you're struggling to find curtains that will work with your room, you may want to have a look at the Resene Curtain Collection, which includes a range of lightweight voiles and coloured and textured curtain options designed to match Resene paint colours.

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Are you afraid of the dark?

It's a common aspect of childhood to be afraid of the dark.

While we grow out of this eventually, we're still never that fond of the dark – especially if it's a constant presence in one of the rooms of our home.

Luckily, there are ways you can combat this problem. The following are some tried-and-true home decorating tips to bring some light into your life.

For a start, you should always go with a bright paint colour.

By covering your poky bathroom's walls with Resene Rangoon Green – a colour that may look fantastic in a large, open-plan kitchen – you won't be doing the room any favours.

Instead, check out Resene's colour range and opt for a light paint, such as Resene Frost. This still has a hint of green in it, but won't add to the room's dim demeanour.

Having one or two plants in the room can also help to keep things bright and airy.

Many people in the interior design business also swear by mirrors. It is widely known that strategically placed mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger room.

They will also reflect what little light is currently managing to make its way into the space, helping it to reach all the corners of the room.

Limiting the amount of furniture you use to decorate a dark room is also a good idea. Opt for lighter furniture and glass table tops on coffee tables and dining room tables as they will help to reflect the light and lighten up the room.

You may find that dark rooms often appear much smaller than they actually are, and if you fill them up with unnecessary clutter, this is only going to decrease their seeming size still further.

If the room is one in which you have hung heavy curtains, but the space doesn't really require complete privacy, you may want to consider taking them down.

This will allow natural light to stream in all day (weather permitting) and could make your next electricity bill a bit lighter, too!

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Want to paint like an artist?

For many years, artists have been using Resene's wide range of paint colours and types to bring their creative ideas to life.

One such artist is Alexander Bartleet, whose unique approach to both art and paint has earned him rave reviews and copious awards.

His medium is recycled materials, and this extends to the paint he uses.

With the recycled paint he collects from Resene, he is able to give his quirky three-dimensional pieces a colourful and creative undercoat.

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Are you preparing to sell your house?

Are you preparing to sell your house? Then you're probably in the process of deciding what colour or colours to paint your walls.

Everybody knows that giving all (or at least your main) rooms a fresh coat of paint will make the whole house appear clean and fresh to prospective buyers.

However, there are two schools of thought when it comes to what colours to use.

Some say that it's best to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and paint your rooms using a completely neutral shade, such as beige or white.

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