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Are you preparing to sell your house?

Are you preparing to sell your house? Then you're probably in the process of deciding what colour or colours to paint your walls.

Everybody knows that giving all (or at least your main) rooms a fresh coat of paint will make the whole house appear clean and fresh to prospective buyers.

However, there are two schools of thought when it comes to what colours to use.

Some say that it's best to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and paint your rooms using a completely neutral shade, such as beige or white.

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Paint It Black

You've probably heard the Rolling Stones' song "Paint It Black". It may even be one of your favourites.

But have you ever thought about taking the band's advice and trying it out on your own place?

Black is bold, dramatic, and can be used to great effect. It is often associated with elegance (think black-tie events) and will add a level of sophistication and style to a space that other shades do not.

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Considering a feature wall?

Are you bored of the colour of your walls, but can't muster the strength or find the time to repaint them all? Never fear – there's another way!

By creating a feature wall, you can change the entire dynamic of any room in a quarter of the time it would take to repaint the whole space.

If your walls are currently an uninteresting colour, why not liven things up a bit by splashing a bright and bold hue on your feature wall, such as Resene Blackberry? Using decorative items around the room, such as floor lamps or even curtains that match the colour you choose is a great way to tie the room's decor together.

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