Are you preparing to sell your house?

Are you preparing to sell your house? Then you're probably in the process of deciding what colour or colours to paint your walls.

Everybody knows that giving all (or at least your main) rooms a fresh coat of paint will make the whole house appear clean and fresh to prospective buyers.

However, there are two schools of thought when it comes to what colours to use.

Some say that it's best to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and paint your rooms using a completely neutral shade, such as beige or white.

The theory goes that prospective buyers like to walk into a room in a for-sale house and project themselves and their own ideas for the room's interior design onto the walls.

Unassuming colours such as white and other pale tones allow them to do this. These house-hunters will feel like the whole building is just waiting for them to put their stamp on it, and make it their own.

Using neutral tones also limits the possibility that visitors will have a bad reaction to your chosen colours.

A bright orange kitchen with a gloss finish won't be everybody's cup of tea, but it's not often you come across someone who feels deeply antagonistic toward a beige or white one.

The other school of thought is that people like to be given some direction when it comes to design.

People don’t often fall in love with neutral walls, but they may fall in love with a colour scheme that uses more definite colours. And if they are visiting many homes, a carefully put together colour scheme will be very memorable and could help your home stand out when they are comparing all the homes they have viewed.

If your living room is already beautifully decorated when a prospective buyer arrives, with furniture, paint (or wallpaper) and curtains that perfectly complement each other, they may feel like the house is ready for them to move into straight away.

They won't have to hire an interior designer at their own expense – you've done everything for them!

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