Flower Power

While we tend to think of interior design trends as moving forward, many people are starting to look back for inspiration when it comes to wallpaper.

This is evident in the growing popularity of floral wallpaper, which is being used by professionals all over the world to add a nostalgic twist to their otherwise ultra-modern designs.

From time immemorial, we have always been obsessed with flowers. In fact, Florigraphy, which looks into the language of flowers, is an actual field (excuse the pun) of study.

So, it makes sense that generations of interior designers and their clients have felt drawn to floral wallpaper.

We like this type of wallpaper because it makes us feel calm and reminds us of the beautiful aspects of the great outdoors.

The fact that flowers are commonly associated with positive emotions – love, friendship and generosity, to name just a few – must also play a significant part in this wallpaper's enduring fame.

However, it takes a very, very good interior decorator to incorporate floral wallpaper into bedroom designs – or any other room designs, for that matter – without making the entire space look a bit dated.

You could try using floral wallpaper to create a feature wall, rather than covering an entire room with it.

Or go for a wallpaper that's a little less traditional in terms of colour.

Opting for out-of-the-ordinary hues can help prevent your floral wallpaper from looking too feminine or antiquated.

For instance, the gorgeous Caravaggio (46460) is a striking beige, but features stylised flower heads in chic metallic colours.

Also look for floral wallpapers that have used this tried-and-true motif in an interesting or unusual way.

Some use larger-than-life flowers to great effect, while others showcase an asymmetrical pattern that really attracts the eye.

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