Are you afraid of the dark?

It's a common aspect of childhood to be afraid of the dark.

While we grow out of this eventually, we're still never that fond of the dark – especially if it's a constant presence in one of the rooms of our home.

Luckily, there are ways you can combat this problem. The following are some tried-and-true home decorating tips to bring some light into your life.

For a start, you should always go with a bright paint colour.

By covering your poky bathroom's walls with Resene Rangoon Green – a colour that may look fantastic in a large, open-plan kitchen – you won't be doing the room any favours.

Instead, check out Resene's colour range and opt for a light paint, such as Resene Frost. This still has a hint of green in it, but won't add to the room's dim demeanour.

Having one or two plants in the room can also help to keep things bright and airy.

Many people in the interior design business also swear by mirrors. It is widely known that strategically placed mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger room.

They will also reflect what little light is currently managing to make its way into the space, helping it to reach all the corners of the room.

Limiting the amount of furniture you use to decorate a dark room is also a good idea. Opt for lighter furniture and glass table tops on coffee tables and dining room tables as they will help to reflect the light and lighten up the room.

You may find that dark rooms often appear much smaller than they actually are, and if you fill them up with unnecessary clutter, this is only going to decrease their seeming size still further.

If the room is one in which you have hung heavy curtains, but the space doesn't really require complete privacy, you may want to consider taking them down.

This will allow natural light to stream in all day (weather permitting) and could make your next electricity bill a bit lighter, too!

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