Picking a colour scheme for older clients

The colour scheme you choose for a client's home can be impacted by many factors.

You might be inspired by current trends in the ever-changing world of interior design, or by the furniture you find in your client's home.

There is no right or wrong method for seeking inspiration. However, there are probably a few you have never even thought of.

For instance, it is common to take children's ages into consideration when decorating their rooms.

You'd be silly not to. A teenager isn't (generally) going to respond as well to a bedroom design that incorporates cartoon characters and bright colours as a younger child might.

However, did you ever consider that there are paint colours that are particularly suited to other age groups, too?

Over the years, Resene has discovered that decorating older people's homes with warm colours seems to work well.

We encourage you to check out the colour wheel and select soft, pastel or mid-tone colours.

These can be used to great effect to create a caring, welcoming atmosphere, and will make older clients feel safe and secure in their homes.

Resene has also learned that using a range of colours in a particular room or space is a good thing.

This variety can help stimulate the mind and senses, increase cognitive function and will make the room fresh and interesting for your client and their guests alike.

If you would like to incorporate wallpaper somewhere in your interior design, try using a floral pattern. Apparently such patterns can create a peaceful environment and "evoke the tranquility of rural life". 

Of course, you should always get your elderly client's input on your colour choices before you start painting. They may not like soft, pastel colours – so don't force these on them!

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