Paint It Black

You've probably heard the Rolling Stones' song "Paint It Black". It may even be one of your favourites.

But have you ever thought about taking the band's advice and trying it out on your own place?

Black is bold, dramatic, and can be used to great effect. It is often associated with elegance (think black-tie events) and will add a level of sophistication and style to a space that other shades do not.

However, it can also be quite a temperamental colour, and often requires the artistic eye and expertise of a designer to work well.

It goes without saying that you should think very carefully about where and how much this colour is going to be used.

For instance, covering the four walls of an already dark room with Resene Black Sheep isn't going to do it any favours.

It is often best to use this colour in spaces that are more open and have plenty of natural light pouring in.

Using Resene Black Sheep in conjunction with other, perhaps lighter, colours or wallpaper may also be a good idea.

A room that has been painted black from top to bottom could feel a little too confined.

Instead, you may like to use this colour for a feature wall, borders or in some other way that doesn't overwhelm the space.

Black will work with pretty much any other colour, so there is a lot of room for you to be creative and design a look that suits your tastes and unique style.

Not all blacks are created equal. Some have a touch of brown, some a touch of green, or blue, or white. Ask one of the staff members at your local Resene ColorShop to decipher the numbered code underneath the colour swatch or use our guide online at the end of our colour library page.

This will give you an idea of where the black sits on the colour wheel and what other tints may come through once it is on the wall.

You can also use the classic combination of black and white to create a truly striking space. For instance, using Resene Black Sheep in a bathroom that has glossy white fixtures and fittings could create a stunning contrast.

Black started showing up on exteriors a while ago. Resene Pitch Black wood stain is especially popular as a modern option for timber weatherboards.

Black is a colour that lends a crisp contemporary edge to modern architecture, or a romantic edge to bungalows and cottages, especially tied with white architraves and joinery. If you are using dark colours on the exterior of a house, ask for Resene CoolColour paint base which uses technology that reflects the sun’s heat so that it doesn’t damage the paint finish or what it’s covering.

It’s also a colour that looks great in landscaping, particularly on boundary fences behind planting. Licorice blacks like Resene Swamp provide a superb backdrop for plants, especially the grey-green tones of native plants.

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