Do you want plain or patterned curtains?

When you are choosing which curtains to purchase for your home, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether to get plain or patterned curtains.

If the room you are doing renovations in already contains a lot of multi-coloured furniture, or its walls are covered in patterned wallpaper, you might want to stick with plain curtains.

They will offer some respite from the busy atmosphere the rest of your possessions and decoration choices are creating.

If you want the space your decorating to have a sense of unity, try matching the colour of your plain curtains to objects around the room.

For instance, you could match duck egg blue curtains with a few duck egg blue pillows on your couch or bed, or an accent wall colour.

This will really bring out the colour in both.

On the other hand, you can use patterned curtains to really add some flair to an otherwise plain room. When used strategically, these patterned curtains can transform your windows into the focal points of the room.

So, if you have gorgeous windows that you want to draw attention to, frame them with patterned curtains!

Remember to factor in how your curtains will look on winter nights when they are closed. Patterned curtains can act like a work of art for your walls. Do you need a warm accent colour to make the room feel cosier, or are you happy with the more restful effect of a more neutral or plain curtain?

When redecorating a room, it’s always best to choose your new curtains before you choose your paint colour. It’s much easier to find a paint colour to match your curtain. To make this simpler the Resene Curtain Collection includes complementary colour selections for each fabric, to help get you started on your colour scheme.

It's important to remember that curtains aren't purely functional – they can make or break the cohesiveness of a room's design.

So, don't make your decision on a whim – think about it carefully, and talk to the experts at your nearest Resene ColorShop or curtain specialist.

Take photos of your room, any views you can see out the window (stand back and make sure you get the surrounding wall in the photo with the view in the middle) and any accessories or furniture you plan to use in the same room and take them with you when you visit – that way they will be able to see what the room looks like and what other elements the curtains will need to work with.  This will make it much easier to give you the right advice to suit your project.

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