Need curtains for a dark room?

There are always challenges when it comes to interior design.

One you may or may not have come across is selecting curtains for dark rooms.

As if finding the right curtains to match a certain design scheme wasn't hard enough, sometimes you're faced with a room that desperately needs both the natural light of its windows and the privacy only a pair of curtains can bestow.

So, how do you go about filling both needs?

First of all, do not pick dark, heavy curtains. These will only make the room feel smaller and more shadowy.

We suggest going with a bright colour – white or cream, if you want something simple and elegant, or you could try a very pale pastel.

Instead of hanging curtains made from thick fabric, opt for curtains that are sheer. These will still make sure anyone walking past won't be able to see into the room, but should still allow much-needed light to leak in.

However, if you have your heart set on some gorgeous, heavy drapes, simply use these drapes as more of a ‘window frame’ – leave them open during the day and close them at night.

Hang stylish net curtains underneath, which will effectively block out the neighbours and not the sun.

If you're struggling to find curtains that will work with your room, you may want to have a look at the Resene Curtain Collection, which includes a range of lightweight voiles and coloured and textured curtain options designed to match Resene paint colours.

It’s best, if you can, to decide on your curtains or window furnishings before choosing your paint colour, as it’s much easier to find paint that suits your curtains than curtains to suit your paint.

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