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Freedom of choice

Yellow polka dots, black and white stripes, or the colours of the rainbow even! Ahh... the freedom of choice that home ownership would bring!

Freedom of choice - exterior

For the Haynes family, being able to express themselves through colour and creation without constraint was important, so they went straight to work on a nice and simple cosmic order.

  1. One blank canvas (to build on)
  2. A spacious front and back yard (for the kids to play on)
  3. Water views

Within five years, the universe had delivered, and as they stood on that blank canvas for the very first time, they knew this was just the beginning of their colourful adventure. They also knew their house (which didn’t exist yet) was always going to be blue.

One year later, there she stood. Painted a random blue, centred on the land with a spacious front and back yard, she looked out to the most amazing water view.

Decking details
Exterior blue area with decks

A new adventure soon called them to Australia, but upon return five years later, the home had clearly missed them as much as they missed it. It was also evident the random blue paint they had initially used was completely wrong. Wishy washy and patchy, she screamed out for a face lift.

This time they decided to look for a paint the professionals would use, and found themselves in a Resene ColorShop.

They had literally shed blood, sweat and tears in the garden all year long, but it was the three days in November spent painting the exterior that ultimately stole the show. Resene St Tropaz put the love and life back in and has awoken our sleeping beach beauty.

In the evenings while outside looking across the Kaipara Harbour toward the lights of Helensville, they are still pleasantly distracted as the downlights continue to showcase this impressive deep royal blue well into the night.

Although they chose not to go with polka dots, stripes or the colours of the rainbow (this time anyway), they are happy with their expression of colours. In addition to Gull Grey, the Resene Mission Brown connects their home to the garden and land, as well as making the blue pop.

The Haynes say “Resene paint is professional, of the highest quality, and makes a stunning statement. We will never (ever) use a random paint again.”

Thanks to the Haynes family.

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