b'PetaBetDecaThe Peta, Deca and Bet hand basins add a touch of elegance to any toilet suite. The Bet addsare to a cabinet with its unique slim structure, whereas the Peta and Deca can be used independently of a cabinet. When mounted alone, the Peta and Deca create a minimalist appeal with their clean, crisp lines and seamlessnish.For peace of mind that your bathroom will stand the test of time, Athenave-year has awarranty on hand basins. All Athena products have been manufactured with a focus on quality, and designs that are in tune with ourMini Hoxbathroom trends. Athena is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.To outmoreaboutourexquisiterangeofproductsvisit nd www.athena.co.nzorcall08004ATHENAforafreecopyofour catalogue.Mini Slab| 99'