b'is a custom-made stainless steel mesh panel, which visually repeats metalGet the look with Resene usedonthewindowsandstairbalustrade,andintroducesintriguingSpaceCote Low Sheen textural detail. tinted to Resene Fudge, Resene Congo Brown, Resene Gargoyle and As for themes, Mary decides on these at the outset and never veers off course.Resene Red Red Red.In my last house I had white marble, lacquered black furniture and curves everywhere; however in this one Ive built upon the idea of the strength ofResene the square and the drama created by geometric recesses, special lighting andRed Red Redcontrasting textures.Timber furniture: in light oak designed Each detail accounts for as much planning and sourcing as larger, more obviousby homeowner Mary features. Even tiny handles on the smallest drawers are metallic squares.Roberts and Brad Mawson of Urban If a piece of furniture Mary already owns isnt going to work with a housesFurniture, Christchurch themes, colours, style or scale, she simply edits it out into storage.Resene Once Ive nished, everything stays. I dont re-do my interiors or tweak anythingBeethovenlater, Mary says.Although I do ensure the furniture can be recongured inOpen-tread steel stairs, different rooms to t different purposes and events as they happen. underlit by blue LED lightsCertain constants are maintained, of coursephotos of loved ones in herGet the exterior look with Resene Sonyx 101 tinted bedroom and dressing room, vases of her favourite owers, pleasing textures,to Resene Tea and Resene fabrics and colours. Gravel.IliketofeelthatIcancomehome,ickonmusicandlightsandResene Hillaryenjoymysurroundingsasasanctuaryanescapefromabusy,noisy, complicated world. Carpet: Impala in colour Tango, from SalleeAnd its incredibly important to feel that although a place is designed in detail,Lounge suite: Miramar it can be enjoyed casually to the full. Theres nothing better than sh and chipsrange with length adapted, by David Shaw, and beer on the coffee table and a room full of friends watching sport in totalin Macrosuede, colour comforteven spread throughout the room at 4am in sleeping bags. BuffResene Its Marys recipe for contented livingrigorous, detailed planning which leadsLemon Twistto laid-back enjoyment of a sumptuous, comfortable result.Bathroom vanity: opaque glass in stainless steel frames, made by Urban Furniture. Autumn brown glass top by GlasstechResene GargoyleResene Fudgeon the following pages, nd two alternative style suggestions| 65'