b'Oi oi (Leptocarpus similis)Kings Plant Barn0800 PLANTSwww.kings.co.nzconcrete tableCustom Concrete Ltd www.customconcrete.co.nz0274 889 950New Zealand iris (Libertia grandi ora) M3 Standard pot with graphite glazednishBurrelli www.burrelli.com03 384 4722 Resene TeaJetmaster outdoorreThe Fireplace Resene Moroccan Spice www.the replace.co.nz09 623 6990Resene BarbecueResene TopspinThis design draws on our raw, primeval landscape, and features muted, natural colours, with a limited planting selection to suit the city courtyard setting. River or volcanic boulders are set around a sunken seating area with comfortable cushions and bolsters. At the end of the concrete-slab table is a stone-cladreplace topped with a smooth plastered cap. A boardwalk of chunky macrocarpa runs along one side, past the dark-tiled pond. Fine steel tracery welded into tree-like shapes adorns Jeremy Head the plastered perimeter wall, which is painted Resene Moroccan Spice. A white shade sail suspended in a lightweight steel pergola shades the seating area during from Landscape Architect, suggests thisthe day. At night, the space is transformed by pond lighting, fairy lights, and a subtle alternative landscaping scheme: red glow emanating from beneath the decking.phone 03 326 7379, mobile 021 308 048, email jeremyhead@xtra.co.nz| 111'