b'advertising featuredont rush intowall lining decisionsThese days, we hate having to waitWhen renovating, its so tempting to rush in and start stripping wallpaper and simply painting or papering over for things. And achieving the look weyour old wall linings withoutrst considering whether you want in our homes is no exception. will end up with thenish and comfort you really want.By replacing, rather than reusing, your old existing wall linings it is much easier to not only get a superbly smooth wallnish but to build in a host of 21st century bene ts at the same time, like: nsulation in the walls to make your home warmer, drier, iand easier and cheaper to heat;power points and light switches where you need them(you can check the safety of your existing wiring at the same time);modernconveniencessuchasphone,TV,internetoutlets,securityalarm,andasurround-soundhome entertainment system.Now, if you think that all sounds like too much bother and rather costly, you couldnt be more wrong.Anexperiencedbuilderorplasterboardinstallerand stopper can remove existing wall linings and install new ones quickly and with minimum fuss. Whats more, getting brand new GIB Plasterboard wall linings, GIB-Cove along with new skirtings and architraves, as well as insulation on exterior walls will cost around just $300 extra per room!So dont be in a rush to hire that wallpaper steamer for days on end when for a little extra investment youll end up with a superiornish, as well as a warmer, drier home.70 |'