b'Resene Blue JeansResene ReseneNevaYabbadabbadooResene SoapstonePAPER CHASEPAPER CHASENothing is nicer than not only choosing a gift for one of your friends or a member of your family, but wrapping it in personalised paper and making a matching card. You can use the paper for other things, too, like covering your school books or simplyas a piece of art to hang on your bedroom wall.Pfl\x17n`cc\x17e\\\\[1TestpotsofReseneFunk,ReseneHyperactive,Resene Parachute, Resene Royal Heath and Resene Belladonna Sheets of paper Midweight A4 card Foam brushes in a variety of sizes Chopping board and vege knife 5-6 medium-sized potatoes Star cookie cutter Sponge Hole punchKids,checkwithyourparents aboutcuttingtherst potatoes. You may need their help with Step 2!Check out the Resene website for awholehostofstep-by-stepart projects for children and adults.ReseneResene Rollercoaster Rubber Ducky'