b'Such colours as these are now also making the transition into carpets, as Kiwi art underfoot attracts a greater following in the international market and Dilana evolves to take advantage of this new niche.Back in 1998, we looked at moving some of our artists towards machine-made rugs and took some Michael Reid and Kate Wells designs to Carpets Inter, which is part of the Tai Ping group. At this point, we were asked to do the Air New Zealand First Class lounges with architect Noel Lane and artist Gavin Chilcott, whichMake-Wayby Bing Dawe.is where wecame to the attention of design guru Terencerst Conran, says Hugh. Noa Noaby Gavin Chilcott.And then, three years ago, we got talking to Denmarks Ege Carpets. We were commissioned tooor the Christchurch Library and asked Bing Dawe to do ithis was the sculpture outside. The only company that could use accurate enough digital technology to weave the eel image he crafted was Ege.I dont personally tend to favour any one individual shade; I go more for the harmony of several alongside each other.The company was intrigued by the design and published it, and the relationship has blossomed since.Weve met with Eges directors, and are now feeding some of New Zealands top artists and our own staff into their system, working to develop our own carpet culture and taking advantage of Eges manufacturing technology, says Hugh. And Ege has a show space in Paris, which is where New Zealand woven design is headed next! In a couple of years, well have our own top-quality carpet range on the international stage, showing Kiwi artists off to the rest of the world in this amazing medium.Its not a bad outcome for a Southland shepherd with a passion for design.Cloak Over Taranaki by John Bevan Ford.76 |'