b'words: Sharon Neweystep-by-step pictures: Mark Heaslipcreate apretty posieWith the fashion forower arrangements tending towards more carefree styles, creating a posie doesnt require a degree in engineering.Flower arranging is very different than the days whenowers largesculptural werecarefullyconstructedin impressive arrangements. Today, we like ourowers more casual and carefreelike youve just walked in from the garden with a bunch of dewy blooms and haphazardly placed them in the nearest vase to hand.Of course, as with many things, that seemingly simple effect isnt as easy as it looks. But with a few tips from friendly MichelleHenryofRosesinMtEden,orist Auckland, you can create pretty posies like these. oral Todaysfashionisforlessgreeneryandmoreelements.Infact,theseposieshavehardlyaleafin sightandaremadeupofquitecottageybloomssuch as hydrangea, sweet pea, dahlia, Singapore orchids, and bougainvillaea. Says Michelle: People want more romantic, feminine and nostalgic arrangements. Like those that Grandma used to have. It follows the current trend for vintage fashion and handcrafted homewares.Because of the casual, slightly mismatched look of the posies, you dont have to be too careful about colour, says Michelle. Anything goes with this style. There are no rules. For a vase, she suggests either something brightly coloured, like these Rice glass vases from Germany, or something a little old-fashioned, like cut glass or even an old jug. Narrow-necked vases are best for this type of arrangement as they allow the posie to splay out into its spherical shape.48 |'