b'Withafamilyofherown,homehasbecomemoreI have to be careful I dont important to Jackie. When I travel these days, I spend a lot of time dying to get back home, away from thosebecome a TradeMe junkie. Brown motel rooms. paper parcels turn up on the Home is a villa that Grant and Jackie have owned fordoorstepa number of years and have renovated a couple of timesonce to add a new kitchen and dining area,I have spent so much time singing covers and now I and more recently to add a main bedroom and familynally get to sing originals, says Jackie.living area. It has certainly provided more wall space toOther projects Jackie has been involved in include the display the collections. musical Sweet Charity, and TVs New Zealand Idol and And work these days is still the rich variety it has alwaysHere To Stay, in which she traced her Scottish ancestry been for Jackie. Her latest project is very dear to her(Jackie is also part Samoan and part non-specic Pakeha hearta CD of original songs put together with fellowmix). She also sings covers with her other band, Lady musicians,guitaristanddrummerWayneBellandKillers, is a regular at Christmas in the Park events and songwriter/singer Callie Blood.madeadocumentaryaboutwarsongswithpartner Grant, which aired on Anzac Day. The trio has been making music together in different guises for many years but nally got The Darlings togetherJust so long as any of the work doesnt take her away ve years ago, performing alternative country renditionsfrom home for too longfrom Grant, the boys Stan and of New Zealand songs. Now they have launched a CD,Ernie, and her collections!The Cicada Sessions, which is available in music stores.ReseneHot AugustJackie describes it as pop with a twist; a little bit Dixie ReseneChicks. It has already attracted some great reviews.Soapstone| 59'