b'welcomefrom ReseneWhat goes around comes around. Its funny how often progress goes full circle. Resene was founded many decades ago on making coatings for concrete and now more than 60 years on, we are again involved with concrete, but this time paint is going into it, rather than on it.ResenehasbeenworkingwithFletcherBuilding,GoldenBay Cement, Firth Industries and 3R during the past few years to develop novel ideas for turning waste paint once destined for land lls into auseful ingredient in concrete. The outcomePaintCrete, a PaintWise from the editor solutionwill divert thousands and thousands of litres of paint into concrete manufacture, improving the properties of the concrete.Its a hurly burly world we live in. One in which weOtherwaterbornepaintcollectedbytheResenePaintWiseservice rush from home to work, to school pick-ups to social(www.resene.co.nz/paintwise.htm) is diverted into covering graf ti with events. One in which the world rushes to meet us withtens of thousands of litres donated free of charge to tackle the tagging its bigger crowds, brighter advertising messages, newthroughout the country. Further allocations of paint go to a range oflms, new products and faster, better technologies.community groups to help them with their arts activities, repaint their Thank goodness we have a haven called home. Its apremises and much more.place where we can retreat for a while, and create aAnd you can help. By bringing back your unwanted paint and paint cocoon for ourselves and our families. packaging to the Resene PaintWise service, it can be redistributed to Withinteriortrendsswingingawayfromminimalistcommunity groups, reused and recycled.interiors, our homes can be made more welcomingSo next time you are in the mood to decorate, clear the clutterrst. Start and comfortable. No more perching on the edge of thewith those unwanted paints in your garage that are gathering dust. hard-edged sofa for fear youll wrinkle the upholstery!Round them up, bring them into the Resene PaintWise service available As chandeliers become the in thing, as beds are dressedat more than 40 Resene ColorShops nationwide and give them a new in squishy brocade quilts and appliqud cushions gracelease of life. our sofas, there is more opportunity to feather ourAnd while youre at the store, check out some of the sumptuous and nests with strong colour and rich detail. Lets all breatheexciting colours from Resenes The Range 2008. Youll see many of a sigh of relief that white-on-white is no longer right.the colours represented within the pages of this magazine, and some In this issue of Habitat, we bring a little of the feel-goodinspiring ways to use them. After years of our interiors being fairly factor to your livesfrom the purely practical with neutral, wed like to encourage you to embrace the latest trend towards adviceonwhichinsulationmightsuityou,tothestronger colourto feel comfortable while you read our feel-good decorative,likehowtocreateapretty issue. Happy reading! ower arrangement to dress your house. Theres an inviting familyhometovisit,entertainerJackieClarkes collections to marvel at and four luscious looks to try in your living room. So switch off the TV, block out the world for a while and relax with this seasons issue of Habitat magazine. | 7'