b'Therecenttrendforminimalistinteriorswentwould look naff but a collection looks ne. Then later, completely unacknowledged by entertainer and singerwhentouringwithbandslikeMarchingOrders,the Jackie Clarke. Her Grey Lynn house, shared with lm- NetherworldDancingToysandWhentheCatsBeen maker partner Grant Lahood and their two young sons,Spayed, she would gravitate to the local second-hand is the antithesis of the look, thanks to their passion forstores and buy pieces for her collections. Now, we have collections and Kiwiana.friends who are props buyers for movies and they come across all sorts of things we might like.A specially built glass case houses Jackies collection of snow domes, the walls in one of the sitting rooms areI think a handful of snow nearlycoveredbyGrantscollectionofMtTaranaki images (he was raised in Taranaki) and above the replacedomes would look naff, but is an array of fake stuffed animal heads. There are carveda collection looks ne.wooden Maori heads, ethnic masks, ukulelesthe lists go on. There is even a collection of Spanish bullghtingCollecting has also become easier, thanks to the internet. images and relief carvings which Jackie defends as beingI have to be careful I dont become a TradeMe junkie. very Kiwiana, reminiscent of all of those mock SpanishBrown paper parcels turn up on the doorstep and Grant small town coffee houses with swirling stucco walls.wonders what on earth Ive bought now.JackiebelievesherpassionforcollectingbeganinHer favourite collection is relatively small, a trio of special childhood, when she used to help her Aunt Marg at heredition musical Jim Beam bottles fashioned to look like ea market stall. I was fascinated by the discovery of allthree famous Maori chief gurines. of these treasures, essentially other peoples junk.The collections are not, of course, simply about the things. Also, as a twin [with sister Robyn], I like multiples. NotJackie has a constant reminder of the places she has been just a few but many. I think a handful of snow domesand the people associated with various pieces. 58 |'