b'pictures: Mark HeaslipA perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary, this simple, yet dramatic kitchen draws together elements that distil the essence of the home. WhenJimandJanFrazerrelocatedanoldvillafromCelia says it was reasonably difcult trying to tie all of theAvoid y spots on Aucklands Remuera to a rural situation in Karaka, southelements together. The benchtop and the turned legsceilings with Resene Fly Deterrent. of the city, they wanted a new kitchen that would reectwere tricky. They required different skill sets and had toDesigned to theircontemporarytastesandcollections.Buttheybe made by different manufacturers. However, they werediscourage ies from landing onalso wanted a design that was in keeping with the villastained in the one location so they are exactly the samethe painted surface, character. It had to be a little bit country with a clean- it reduces the colour in oak, stained dark brown.appearance of lined, contemporary edge. Not ultra modern, but notunwanted y spots.too old, says Jim.In a traditional framed door style, the rest of the cabinetry provides a soft contrast to the dark timber and is painted Designer Celia Visser took the familiar idea of the bigReseneParchmenttomatchwallsinthesamehue. farmhouse table and made it the central focus of theUnderneath the island table, a tongue-and-groove nish kitchen. Hence the turned legs and the dark timber adds an old-style, country look. bench top, she says. But the working side of the islandReseneParchmentlooks just like a normal contemporary kitchen, tted withThestrong,limegreenReseneAwolGraphicGlass Resenea dishwasher and storage. splashbackbehindtheBoschinductionhobwasnoSoapstone| 91'