b'Resene Fertile MindResene MoonbeamResene WoodstockStep 4 Clear each hole of any debris and mix your concrete. When pouring the concrete be mindful of the area surrounding the hole. Continue to check the alignment of each post using a level as the concrete sets.Step 5 Once the concrete is set, you are ready tox the rails. Cut the rails to the correct length; tack a small block to one post and rest the rail on this while youx the other end to the next post. Continue doing this between each post. Step 6With all the posts and rails in place, it is time tox the palings. This can be quickly doneby using a nail gun. Remember when spacing the palings that timber shrinks over time. You can leave the fence uncoated ornish it in your choice of paint or stain. Popular fencingnishes available in an extensive range of colours are Resene Lumbersider waterborne satin or Resene Waterborne Woodsman penetrating stain.Thenished fence.More comprehensive instructions can be found on www.hirepool.co.nz| 115'