b'step-by-step words and pictures: with thanks to Hirepoolmaking a fenceTheres nothing smarter than a simple paling fence, especially when youve built it yourself! You will need: posts of treatment level H4, rails and paling of treatment level H3, brace pegs, concrete, string line.Equipment:wheel barrow, posthole borer, nail gun, level, concrete mixer,circular saw, tape measure, power box and leads, safety equipment Step 1Decide where you wish to position your fence by using a string line attached to two pegs. Position the line to indicate where the front of the posts will be.Step 2 Using a posthole borer, dig holes at both ends of the string line for the end posts, positioning these to brush the string line. Brace each post securely. Step 3 Work out the spacing for the intermediary posts by measuring the distance betweenthe two end posts and splitting this evenly.Using the posthole borer dig the holes,and set the posts, ensuring they are level, ready for the concrete footings.114 |'