b'going greenboxing onAside from eco-friendly paint, Resene is doing its bit for the environment in many other ways.Any major company these days needs to be aware of the impact its production techniques or products have on the environment. While Resene produces its Environmental Choice paints (see overleaf), it also strives to be eco-friendly in other wayssuch as through its packaging and by using sustainable paper stocks on which to print its colour charts and brochures.When it comes to packaging, many people would have clear consciences by using paper or cardboard, knowing that once it has been used it can be recycled.TheResenephilosophydoesntrestwithoneuse, however, when it comes to cardboard.Distributing paint around the country requires the use of lots of cardboard boxes. Many of these are passed onto those customers who buy large volumes of paint. The rest are returned to Resene using the Resene box recycling system.greening chartsReseneColorShops anyspareboxesandResene prints brochures, labels and its speci er newsletter, Resene News, onatten placethemintospecialboxrecyclingcartons,whichsustainable paper stocks, so sourcing sustainable paper stock for its colour arethenreturnedtothecentralResenewarehousecharts was a natural recent step.when full. The boxes are then reassembled and reusedResene worked with its main colour chart supplier, Color Communications, forfuturepaintproduction.Beingmadeofsturdyfor nearly 18 months to test a vast variety of sustainable paper stocks for cardboard, the boxes can do many round trips beforedurability and aesthetics so that Resene could complete the transition of requiring replacement.the last of its charts to sustainable paper stocks. 122 |'