b'Cortia byproperty may not be covered. For example, if you have a party and one of your guests gets drunk Cork Concepts and starts smashing things, aside from the friendship being over, your insurance may not cover the damage.the natural flooring solution 5 Notify your insurer of any prolonged absence. If youre going to be away from your house for a long time, and this absence is longer than the period stated in your policy, then your house cover may automatically reduce tore damage only. Just notify your insurance company to ensure you have the correct cover while you are away. You should always notify your insurerif youre undertaking renovationsespecially if theyre structural. 6 Take out replacement house insurance, specifying the square metreoor area. This means if your 250m2 house is destroyed, your insurer will pay for a new 250m2 house to be built. Another option is market value insurance, where you are insured up to the value of your house. The pitfall here is when you claim after a total loss, you may not have enough money to build anentire new house. Only having enough money to build half a house is not a pleasant thought.- Perfect for wet areas Also be aware that if you own an older house, you may not be able to get replacement insurance.- Soft & warm underfoot Or you may only get it after supplying certain reports, for example to show that the electrical- Eco-friendly & non toxic wiring is in good condition.- Modern & luxurious 7 Be as accurate as possible when listing your contents. When you buy contents insurance,- 22 standard RESENE colours the insurer will often provide a list of typical household items so that you can work out the- Custom colours available value of your own contents based on the furniture, appliances, accessories and personal effects. It pays to be as accurate as possible so youll be compensated appropriately. Its also a good idea to keep receipts and serial numbers, and take photographs of your possessions. Some people even make a video recording of their entire house. This all helps at claim time.8 Be aware that when it comes to the contents of your home, cheaper policies may depreciate the value of your possessions at claim time, meaning you cant afford to replace everything. Others will only cover items younger than 10 years. Although you may make small savings on your premiums, you maynd yourself seriously out of pocket after a major incident.Also know that some contents insurance policies include your carpet, whereas some dont. 9 Consider the excess amount carefully. When buying insurance, youll most likely have a choice of the excess amounts. This is the amount you pay for each claim you make. Usually its around $100, but higher excesses mean lower premiums. Although this sounds like a goodidea it means the excess applies to each claim you make.10 Be honest. Remember, an insurance policy is a legally binding contract. It demands honesty. If you lie or mislead your insurer, your policy could be declared void, and you would not get any payout from your insurance company. Failure to tell your insurer everything they need to know to accurately assess your risk may jeopardise your insurance cover.And remember, its not all a one-way street. If you dont feel your insurance company has treatedFOR YOUR NEAREST RETAILERyou fairly, you can take your case to the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman at no charge to you.CALL US ON 0800 332 675 Alternatively, you can go to the Disputes Tribunal or, as a last resort, the District Court.________________________________________________________________________________________ Cork Supplies NZ Ltd 32d Poland Road | Glenfield |Auckland www.corkconcepts.com'