b'Seneca www.seneca.co.nzwith cushion in Raviola Frambrosia fabricin Mimi Fuschia fabricAtelier www.atelier.co.nzTrenail Timberside chairRose & Heatherwww.roseandheather.co.nz09 520 4442Newport queen-sized bed (dark)Rose & Heatherwww.roseandheather.co.nz09 520 4442black lampshade chandelierRose & Heatherwww.roseandheather.co.nz09 520 4442 Resene KubrickAmalStormcloud carpetSallee Resene White Pointerwww.sallee.co.nz09 309 5733Resene EarlybirdResene LivewireThis classic yet contemporary look uses a background of warm neutrals on the walls (Resene Kubrick) andoors and silver and white bedlinen. A splash of quirky colour is added with the pink chair fabric and pink detailing on the cushions. The clean architectural lines of the Newport range of furniture from Rose & Heather gives a modern look, while playful and romantic elements are bought through in the sheer black fabric of the pendant lampshade chandeliers and the stylisedoral motif of Annette Larsen the fabric. In any bedroom scheme, the bed is the largest element so has to be the interior designer for Rose & Heather,hero; here that has been accentuated by bringing the light down low to effectively suggests this alternative scheme: frame the bed.mobile 021 621 373, email annette@roseandheather.co.nz| 35'