b'incandescent(warm light)metamerism,explainshowretailers(orhome owners) can use light to present their product (or your interiors) in the mostattering light. There are various other metamerisms. One is observer metamerismthe fact that individuals perceivecolourslightlydifferently.Another isgeometricmetamerism thedifferent appearance of colours when seen from different angles,distancesandlightpositions.Didyou know that one reason men and women often seecolourdifferentlyisthatthedistancehalogenbetween a womans eyes is usually slightly less(most accurate)than a mans?Metamerism also affects the way we view paint colour charts, which is why Resene uses actual ReseneEnvironmentalChoiceapprovedpaint on colour charts, such as The Range fandeck series. The next time you have a colour chart and a testpot that you think dont match, try wandering outdoorsyoull oftennd they are a perfect match and it is just the interior lighting that is making them appear different.Whateveryourgenderordomesticlighting arrangements, colour perception will always be a very personal thingtime to rethink the brown jumper and the red wall, perhaps.compactuorescenttop tip (cool light)Wherever possible, it is best to develop a lighting plan at the same time as your paint scheme. For example, if you decide to paint any of the rooms in a dark colour, you are likely to need more lighting than if your walls were pale and would therefore re ect the light.Resene Poprock46 |'