b'hey, Habitatfrom youstarting young Nelson Resene ColorShop helped him out by supplying We love the new Resene shop that recently opened intestpotsofReseneFrenchPass,ReseneWhamand Ferrymead [Christchurch]. My children Mary (8) and TimResene Kaitoke Green.(6) are keen visitors and especially like the toys to play with;The volcanic eruption itselfcourtesy of baking soda and the very helpful staff who show us how the musical Legolemon juicewas a resounding success! operates; and the occasional sticker, lollipop or balloon. Richard CarverWe also use your testpots a lot for school and home projects. Mary got a great metallic look for her futuristic unicorn robot, and some frog-like colours for her lifecycle assignment. Tim has started a project with Dads help and Dads old train set. Its an ambitious track layout with buffers, a tunnel (half nished), and an assortment of trees collected from the windy days (there have been many), which are yet to be planted.Thetestpotsaresmallenough,andcheapenough,reecting who we arethat we can use lots of different colours and select theKia ora. I was keen to paint a Maori design on my house right shade for each new project.front, as I believe our homes should reect who we are.Resene the Wilson family Too often, the exterior is determined by the architect orAqua Squeezedining in style! building company. My partner and I ew to Wellington for Christmas with hisMy daughters name is Taaniko, so I designed a taaniko brothers family in their new home. They are renovatingpattern on the computer, then painted it directly onto and everything looks beautiful. However, I thought youHardiex panels. The design is painted with Resene Black,We look forward would like to see the innovative Christmas table setting.Resene Red Berry and Resene White. to receivingWe all greatly admired the table cloth. your lettersIdesignedandbuiltmysimplehouseforlessthanand queries,The winning lettercongratulations! $125,000.Ithasagroundconcreteoorwithpauaand would particularly likelaminated feature triangles sealed under Resene Uracryl.to see any weird ThehouseexteriorisReseneNapa,theinteriorwallsand wonderful ways you have and ceiling are all Resene Half Tea, the doors are Reseneused Resene Double Tea, and the bathroom and ensuite are Resenepaints. The best letter will win a Quarter Tea. The timber feature wall was blonded withGet Decorating Resene Rock Salt. Im pleased with the colour choices. Kit from Resene.RaewynMail us at: Hey, Habitat Resene Habitat Magazine PO Box 38242 Wellingtonexplosive times Mail Centre New Zealand My son, Jackson Carver, recently made twin volcanoesOr email: advice@for his school science project. He wanted to paint them,resene.co.nz, with Hey, Habitat in the tomakethemlookasrealisticaspossible.Thelocalsubject line. 130 |'