b'testpotshow delightful! New Zealand fashion designer Andrea Moore and interior design incubator JOUGdesign have combined their talents to create the Delightful light shade to complement any contemporary living space. Designed with a minimalist approach, its clean lines create a bold statement. The launch shade features a striking oral pattern in red on a white background. And every six months, Andrea will select a new fabric for the next incarnation of this must-have light shade. Each shade comes in a beautifully crafted art box with a light holder unit, wiring and a ceiling rose sourced from Italy. At $495, the Delightful light shade is available online at www.delightful.co.nz and at selected stockists.Resene Honeymoon blocks of colourStevenson has recently expanded its range of stocked DryBlock Architectural Masonry products. Homeowners can now choose from three off-the-shelf shadesFire Ash, Kohl and Pumicewith others available to order. For those wanting a painted or plastered nish on their blockwork, DryBlock Plasta is now also available ex stock. Both Stevenson products feature unique DryBlock technology that greatly enhances the weathertightness of your walls.Visit www.stevenson.co.nz/home/ for further details. Resene Pearl LustaResene Brownie Points in hot waterIf you think a spa pool is just too expensive to run, think again. The sitting pretty Hot Spring Portable Spa is, in fact, Full,roundedformsandsoft,extremely energy efcient, costing owinglinescharacterisetheas little as 73 cents a day. Features Agape Pear series, designed bysuchasfullfoaminsulation, Patricia Urquiola. This collectionhydraulicallyefcientplumbing, of wall-mounted ceramic ttingsspeciallydesignedpumpsand was inspired by the shape of thisheaters,andenergy-efcient curvaceous fruit. The Pear seriesltration systems, make Hot Spring is available in white re clay inPortableSpasthemostenergy dualcolourorscreenprinted,efcient on the market, according to patternedversions.Theuserecent independent testing. Unlike of two colours was devised tothe old in-ground spas, the modern highlighttheplasticityoftheHot Spring sits above ground on a forms and visually enhance thedeck or patio and is portable. Just ll curvesofthewashbasin.Theit with water from the garden hose suspended WC is tted with aand plug it into a standard power sprung hinge, allowing the lidoutlet. For details, call 0800 468 777 to be lowered gently. Visit www. or visit www.hotspring.co.nz.matisse.co.nz for more details. Resene Instinct22 |'