b'advertising featureperfecttFrom curvy to cute, square-edged to sculptural, these hand basinst any situation.In this day and age, the bathroom is the homeowners sanctuary. From large homes to small apartments, the Athenabathroomcollectionhasbeendesignedto complement and enhance any home interior. Athena offerscutting-edgeItalian-madevitreouschinafrom WhiteStoneaswellasEuropeanmineralcompositefrom Dansani of Denmark. Athenasnewrangeofhandbasinsareidealfor bathrooms where space is at a premiumwhile still encompassing the smart, functional and contemporary design of any Athena product. Aligned with the latest bathroom trends, Athenas hand basins have a strong square design with clean edges, and a choice of oval or semi-recessed styles.Produced from thenest WhiteStone vitreous china and European mineral composites, there is no compromise on quality with the Mini Hox and Mini Slab hand basins. Bothbasinsareslimenoughto tintoanexisting layout, but still allow versatility in design. For discreet storage, the Mini Hox and Mini Slab can be coupled with matching cabinets that are available in a range of colour options including Dark Oak, Burnished Wood and Silva Strata.98 |'