b'tips and tricks words: Mary Searleaccent onaccessoriesWhether your walls are neutral or coloured, accent colours and accessories bring house interiors to life. ReseneQuarter SisalThe trend in interior design has been neutral colours forYou also want to consider what the room is used for. A Reseneyears now. Varying shades of beige, taupe and mushroombusy room, such as the kitchen or living area, may beRaging Bullalongwithhundredsofdifferentwhitesandoverpowered by a strong colour used everywherebutResenecreams have reigned supreme, with colourthat may work very well in the study or dining room. RendezvousandpersonalitybeingArecurringthemethroughoutthehomealso injectedintothehomeadds unity. Angela gives a Middle Eastern throughcarefullychosenexampleaMoroccanlamphere, furniture,accessoriesandanEgyptianthrowthereandafew painted feature areas. trinketsscatteredthroughoutthe Butwhateverthecolourofyourhouse.Youdontneedmuch walls or oors, accessories and goodtocreateatheme,infact, useofaccentcolourarethedetailsAngelacautionsagainst that bring a room to life.overdoing it.Auckland interior designer Angela HuttonAll you need is a touch here recommends picking a theme and an accentand there. You dont want it to colour to use throughout the house to create cohesionlook as though youre walking between the rooms.into a Moroccan bazaar.She suggests taking a colour and using it in different waysWhenarrangingyour in different rooms. Lets say your favourite colour is red.accessories,groupingswork You could add a few magenta cushions in the lounge,well,ratherthandottingthem paint the walls in the entranceway a deep burgundy, sucharoundaroom.Arranginga as Resene Rendezvous, and hang cherry red towels inselection of photos or trinkets in the bathroom. Remember, however, warns Angela, thea cluster creates impact. If theyre brighter the accent colour, the less of it you need.scattered in different places, they Your choice of accent colours will also be affected by thetendtogivetheimpressionof aspect of the roomsunny rooms are better with coolerclutter, rather than be noticed shades and darker rooms look great with warmer tones.as items of interest.82 |'