b'words: Helena Dunnpictures: Mark HeaslipResene \x12 Frenzee\x14\x13 \x15Kf\x17dXb\\11. Divide the card into three equal rectangles and cut out. Paint stripes on the paper and card using two or three colours and a variety of foam brushes to make different sized stripes. Let the paint dry completely.2. Cut potatoes into a few shapes to make printing blocks. We made a triangle and diamond by cutting the ends of the potato offrst, then cutting the sides away, and a circle by cutting the end off another potato. We made the star byrst cutting the end off a potato, then sinking the cookie cutter into the cut end and shaving away the sides. Dry off the cut ends.3. Use the potatoes like a stamp by dipping the cut end into the paint and dabbing off the extra paint onto the sponge. Press the potato ontoN`e\x17X\x17]lebp\x17i`[\\$fe\x17kXo`the sheets of paper and card, to create a pattern.Win this fabulous TUFF Ride-on Taxi from The Limit. Made 4. Fold the card in half, and punch a hole in the top corner near thefrom durable stamped steel, the ride-on yellow taxi is for fold. Thread ribbon through the hole. Wrap up your presents and writeenthusiastic cabbies or racers from the age of one year.a message in the card!Kfg\x17k`gj Forachancetowin,justwriteyourdetails(name,email address, address and a daytime phone number) on the back of Wet the foam brushes a little before you start painting the stripes. Thisan envelope and send to:helps the paintow more easily. TUFF TaxiWe used a combination of stripes and potato prints but just using theHabitatpotato prints on coloured paper and card would look great too! PO Box 91344AMSCAuckland 1142'