b'advertising featurehome sweet spaTurn your own bathroomOurlivesarebusyandstressiscommonplace.Astime-crunchedconsumers,werelookingforapampering,stress-relievingexperience into a spa with the worldsthat doesnt involve making appointments days in advance or slathering ourselves in complicated creams.rst beauty shower.Satinjet Maia by Methven is the worldsrst shower to deliver the health and beauty bene ts of a spa experience in the privacy of your own bathroom.Maia provides a chlorine free, pure water experience and its multi-functional shower head delivers an all-over body shower, a body massage and a gentle face massage.Developed in conjunction with consumers, dermatologists, a leading spa therapist and the Methven design team, Satinjet Maia is also endorsed by international model Rachel Hunter: Maintaining healthy skin has always been of paramount importance for me and therst time I tried Satinjet Maia, I was sold.Maia is equipped with a Vitamin C canister that eliminates chlorine and the drying effect it has on skin and hair. After using Maia, your hair will be cleaner, silkier and more manageable, and your skin softer and younger looking. By rotating the head, Maia can also be used as a replacement for your ordinary shower. Maia uses patented Twin-jet technology which turns each water droplet into thousands, giving you a full body shower experience like no other. With a further twist of the head, Maia will deliver powerful jets of water to massage your entire body, stimulating bloodow while at the same time, relaxing tired muscles.The massage spray gently stimulates the delicate capillaries, increasing bloodow and improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. The easy breath con guration of the facial massage function allows for longer use and deeper cleansing.Maiausesprovenwater-savingtechnology,allowingittoperformwelloverthestrictestinternationalWaterConservationStandardsandstill provides a luxurious spa experience. It is of cially a low- ow shower; it just doesnt feel like it.Maia does not have to be professionally installed - anyone can install it ina matter of minutes.www.satinjet.com| 103'