b'pictures: Kallan MacLeodincandescent(warm light)the FACE rulesRobert says its easy to identify what you need the light to achieve, by following what he calls the FACE rules. They are:Fstandsforfunction.Whatdoyouwantto achieve with the light? Do you want to bring out the best in the colours of your interiors and sofa cushions? Do you want to light up an entire sportseld? Does the light have to be practical, for example, in a study? halogenA for ambience. This is particularly important in(most accurate)hotels or restaurants, where you want to create a certain atmosphere to draw in customers; or in retail, to make merchandise look appealing and expensive. Or, perhaps you want to create a relaxed mood in a casual living area. Cool, blue light will enhance an indoor pool, while warm pinks will set the scene in your meditation room.C for comfort. Do you see a glare? Does the light feel too hot?E for economy. In other words, what is the most affordable lighting solution for your needs?arti cial light sourcesIncandescentlight,whichThomasEdisonResene Dynamite,compactuorescent Resene Poprock,inventedaround1879,iswhereanelectrical(cool light) Resene Spanish White,current heats a thinin the bulb, andand miniature Vitra chairslamentfrom World Deluxe seen so produces light. Halogen lights are a type ofunder various lights at incandescent but have a more directed light soPhilips Lighting.www.lighting.philips.co.nzare better for task lighting. Pros: Incandescent light bulbs have perfect colour rendering, are cheap to produce and work wellResene on alternating or directing a current. They are Dynamitecommonly used in households, commercial set- Resene Pearl Lustaups, portable lighting, for decorative purposes Resene and in advertising lighting.Poprock| 43'