b'How do you pick a reliable valuer? If you dont have any recommen-dations to go on, then one point of contact should be the Property Institute of New Zealand (www.property.org.nz), which has around 3000 members, offering a variety of property-related services to the public. Tobecomeamember,avaluerwillneedtohaveaproperty qualication and have passed the high standards set by the valuers registration board. They are also bound by the institutes code of ethics and reporting standards.The largest valuation company in New Zealand is QV, which has 22 ofces throughout the country and a very useful website (www.qv.co.nz), with plenty of information on the valuation process. As well as being able to request a full current market valuation, you can purchase a selection of short reports online, such as certicates of title deeds, local sales, property histories and the very handy E-valuer report, for when youre at the just looking stage and simply want a quick price validation. We didnt hesitate in using a valuer to ensure the property was a sound investment.In Australia, there is the equivalent but smaller organisation, at www.qv.com.au or the Australian Valuers Institute at www.valuersinstitute. bathrooms, laundries, com.au.kitchens and gas. The cost of a full, current valuation varies depending on the value of the property and its location, but you can expect to pay a minimum ofits what we know!$500 and at least double that if the property is around $1 million. If youre borrowing more than 80% of the value of the property or if itsWhether its for the kitchen, laundry, bathroom or your home comfort, at a Plumbing World store you not only find an a private sale your lender will usually insist on a valuation.outstanding selection of products, you also find staff who Pieter Geill, whos been a valuer for more than 21 years and specialisesreally do know what works best where. And are happy to share that information with you.in the Hutt Valley area of Wellington, says one of the main benets he can offer his clients is peace of mind. Purchasing a house can be a hugely stressful process involving a substantial nancial commitment. So you really do want to know as much as you can before you sign on the dotted line, including that the price youre about to pay is indeed a fair one.top tip For a free copy of Plumbing Worlds latest bathrooms, Dont rely on your council valuation (CV) as a reectionkitchens & laundries and heating & hot water cataloguesphone 0800 106 943 or call into your nearest branch.Resene ofmarketvaluationunlessitisverycurrent.Youcan,Dixie Chickhowever,comparethepercentagedifferencebetweenwww.plumbingworld.co.nzhouses that have recently sold and their CVs as a reection of market trends.Resene Party AnimalPWP14800'