b'words: Alice Leonardcolourful people pictures: Frances Olivertestpot art Tracy Rasmussen ArtistAn ordered mind and a passion for colour has seen artist Tracy Rasmussen use Resene paints in some extraordinary works.ArtistTracyRasmussenstwinpassionsareorder,andTheimpetusforthecolourchartworkswasa2004 colourinthatorder.Andshegoestoconsiderablecommission for the Columbard corporate crash pads lengths to celebrate those qualities in her artworks.apartmentbuildinginAuckland.Resenepaintswere ForherAlphabetofColourworks,forexample,shebeing used on the project, and Tracy was inspired by the bought a testpot of each colour in the Resene The Rangecolour swatches.2004 and 2005 fandecks and let the names of the paintsEach testpot was used to paint one little rectangle of determine the nal artwork: each paint colour appears incolour on to the plywood board which was her canvas. alphabetical order according to its name (ie, all the paintsEach little rectangle had to be masked off and painted. Resenestarting with A are in the rst column, in alphabeticalThe painted areas were then given about 10 coats ofClockwork Orangeorder, and so on). polyurethane, for gloss and physical depth. ReseneSisal| 39'