b'pictures: Peter DaviesWhen Maggie and Allan Cameron built a holiday homeThe shower walls were taken only to door height to allowResene SpaceCoteat Mangawhai Heads, north of Auckland, they carefullymore light to reect off the mosaics and to emphasiseLow Sheen Kitchen& Bathroom combines specied a palette of pale neutral colours (the main colourthe curved walls. The shape also determined the use ofanti-bacterial silver being Resene Blanc) in the main living area so as not tomosaic tiles as the only size that can be practically laid onprotection and MoulDefender mould detract from their sea view.a curved wall.inhibitor, perfect for minimising unwanted But when it came to the ensuite, almost the reverse isAt one end sit the toilet and a small hand basin and vanity,nasties in kitchens, true. As one of the few rooms with no view, Maggie wasaccessed via a door closest to the bedroom entrance. Atbathrooms and laundries.keen that it had a rich and dramatic look, which has beenthe other end, is the main vanity and shower opening, expertly accomplished by interior designer Amanda Hartaccessed via a door from the walk-in wardrobe.of AH Design (now based in Palmerston North) with a mix of chocolate coloured glass mosaics and walls in theThe use of Resene Pristine Lavenderwarm tones of Resene Pristine Lavender from the Reseneon the walls keeps the room warm and Karen Walker chart. welcoming. Any lighter colour would beCoppery tones shimmer off the oor tiles, from the mirrortoo harsh against the velvety glass mosaics.frame and from within the glass mosaics, while the wall-mountedvanityisindark-stainedwengetimberwith a black granite top. That same black granite has beenThis vanity has perfect symmetry with two top-mounted formed into a threshold for the shower and its colour isvessel basins anked by two top-mounted swan-necked reected in a border of black tiles that runs around thetaps. Above, a custom-made mirror is framed in a mottled edge of the room.dark and light coppery frame, and is anked by two narrowglasslouvredwindows.Twodelicatelightssit The curved, almost pod-like shower is a feature of theabove the mirror. room, not only because of its organic shape but because it sits in the centre of the long narrow room, effectivelyBeside the door from the wardrobe, a specially built tower splitting it in two areas of use. The layout had already beenof shelves holds towels bought specially from Holy Sheet specied on the house plans but Amanda felt a curvedin Australia. Says Maggie: Its become a bit of a family Resenerather than rectangular shower was more dramatic. jokethe lengths I went to just to buy towels to matchHalf Villa White| 101'