Is it time to freshen up your laundry space?

There are plenty of rooms in the home that require decorating attention, from the living room to the bedroom. However, be sure not to neglect smaller spaces, such as the laundry.

A well-organised laundry turns time-consuming housework into a far more streamlined process. Better yet, there are plenty of fantastic decorating ideas to seamlessly incorporate this space into the rest of your home.

Don't neglect the laundry – instead, follow these great tips for turning it into a productive area that's beautiful, too.

Eco chic

There are plenty of environmentally friendly household products available, from detergent to countertop cleaner. 

Eco-friendly laundry products are proving popular, too. If you're environmentally conscious, you might choose a pared-back laundry design that embraces natural paint shades and organic materials.

A few licks of Resene Triple Sisal or Resene Sandcastle to your laundry walls will add a natural warmth. If there's a built-in shelving unit or drawers in the space, a complementary shade such as Resene Oilskin adds extra richness, without making too loud a statement.

Consider reusing unwanted wooden furniture to create overhead shelves, if the space is lacking storage. Simply cut the wood to size and affix some black or dark grey wall brackets. Sand the wood down and stain or paint it for the perfect finishing touch.

Be sure to check the energy efficiency of your washing machine and dryer, too.

Minty fresh

Nothing emphasises clean clothes like the scent of freshly-cut flowers and some crisp, mint-green paint. 

If you've got a bit more space to play around with, add a vase of flowers and a few framed prints to the walls. Wooden shutters are a good option, too. Not only do they look fabulous, they also won't get damp from the extra humidity in the room when the dryer's running. 

Of course, it's wise to check the space has appropriate ventilation, whether via a roof duct or by simply flinging the windows open. 

To create a laundry space that speaks freshness, start by painting the walls with Resene Kandinksy. This green is light and fresh and is a welcome addition to what could be an otherwise drab space. 

For something different and to add contrast, paint cupboards and window frames a crisp white and finish the look by painting floorboards with Resene Valentino. This deep violet shade can add perfect contrasting notes, so the space doesn't feel at all washed out. 

You might want to consider your flooring options, too. Tiles are a popular choice in laundries, with plenty of colour schemes on offer. To bring home the feeling of freshness, add a striped carpet runner that blends minty hues with darker shades of green. Or, if you have a wooden floor, you can refurbish it by sanding it and staining it with Resene Colorwood. Top this with Resene Qristal ClearFloor to protect the stain. Or opt for a painted finish, as fresh white paint will open up your laundry space, making a previously dark area feel light and airy.

A hanging rack affixed to the wall is perfect for the room, especially if you need to dry delicate garments that won't hold up in the dryer.

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