Young inspiration: Home projects with kids

There are plenty of vibrant home decorating ideas that homeowners can garner inspiration from. From re-tiling the bathroom to painting the kitchen or adding a sun room, there are seemingly endless opportunities to rejuvenate your property. 

However, sometimes it pays to take a step back. If you've got young children, why not get them involved in the decorating process?

You'll need to consider tasks that small hands are capable of. However, remember that kids have huge imaginations, which is incredibly useful when you want to add personal touches to your property. 

These home projects will require some parental supervision, but they're not overly-complicated tasks. Your children will love making a contribution, plus these activities make for great family bonding on a lazy weekend. 

Living room art 

Whether you've got limited decorative pieces in your home or are an art aficionado, it can be great to embrace children's creative pieces.

You can buy canvases from art supply shops as well as general department stores. From here, there are plenty of of ways to let children create their own masterpiece. 

If you're painting a room with a fresh shade, why not pick up a Resene testpot in a similar shade and allow kids to create a piece of stencilled artwork that's tailored to a room? You can create stencils of hearts, flowers or even abstract geometrical shapes in card. Lay this over the canvas and allow your kids to paint in the gaps. 

For instance, if your living room or kitchen is painted with the pesto-inspired hue that is Resene Flourish, pick up a Resene Koru or Resene Kereru testpot for kids' stencil artwork to drive the green theme home.

You can also glue multi-coloured crayons onto a canvas and then melt them with a hairdryer to create some crazy, intermingled patterns that are sure to add vibrancy to any room! 

A customised fence

You'll need to carefully consider exactly where you embrace this project. A rainbow-coloured front fence might look quirky, but it's not necessarily the smartest idea if you want to sell in the future.

However, there are some great fence- and wall-painting projects that children will love. You might pick a corrugated iron or brick wall at the rear of your property, for instance. 

Pick a base shade that complements your home's exterior colour. White, beige or slate are popular choices. Kids can then make their mark using a range of tools to create neat patterns in complementary colours. 

You can use everyday household items to create bold designs. Whether it's a potato cut into the shape of a star or bubble wrap secured around a toilet roll, kids will love dipping these makeshift painting tools in vibrant shades and adding a splash of personality to a wall or fence.

Another option is to decorate a letterbox. You can really go wild with the colour choices and patterns. Finish it off with a coat of Resene Enamacryl for a mirrorlike finish.

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