Decorating tips for renters

Whether you're a long-time renter or a short-term tenant, there's no reason not to personalise the space you live in so it truly feels like home. 

However, you need to be sure that you don't breach any rules of your tenancy agreement, which could restrict the kind of interior decorating you embark on.

While painting the walls might be out of the question, there are plenty of ways to bring colour into living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms. Better yet, you can still use Resene Find-A-Colour to select shades that speak to you and use the paint in creative ways that's not going to lead to trouble with your landlord.

Bold furniture

Perhaps you're a fan of Resene Knock Out or Resene Elvis, but you're unsure how to bring these shades into your home as a tenant.

A freestanding cupboard or armoire presents the perfect canvas for embracing these vivacious shades. Better yet, painting your own furniture won't present any issues with the landlord – when you decide to move on, simply take it with you!

Outline the sides of an armoire or cupboard with a rich black or slate shade, then use your favourite bright shades to fill in the shelves and make a statement.

Bright artwork

Even if you can't knock down walls or pull up the flooring, you can still add bright touches to your home. 

Investing in artwork could be a wise move as a renter. Oil paintings, watercolours and prints can transform living spaces and bedrooms, but they're easily shifted if you ever move homes.

It's worth having a chat with your landlord about hanging options. There are plenty of smart hooks that allow you to hang artwork on your walls, without leaving permanent marks from drilling.

Try and work with the existing colour scheme of your home. For instance, if the carpet is electric blue, opt for artwork that primarily deals with blue or green tones. 

If you're unsure how to pair artwork with your rental property's design, a framed black-and-white photograph can look stunning.

Or create your own – just grab a canvas and some Resene testpots and start decorating. Abstract designs are ideal if you are looking for a shot of colour but aren't overly artistic.

Blooming plants

Indoor plants can bring life to a space, without making any permanent changes. 

From peace lilies to palms, there are plenty of indoor plants that will add personality to the lounge, dining room and bedrooms. Whether it's something as simple as a potted plant on the coffee table or a more elaborate potted plant that sits on the ground, there is no shortage of choice.

Consider whether you want to opt for something leafy or floral. While there are lots of plants that are well-suited to an indoor lifestyle, be sure they get light without being in direct sunlight, which could wilt them.

You could even tie your artwork theme with this an opt for a bold, floral print for the living room wall.

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