3 stunning bathroom designs

It's amazing what a beautifully designed bathroom can do. 

You'll likely spend a very small proportion of your day in this space. However, the right interior design and fittings can make all the difference. From high-end shower heads to soothing wall colours, a bathroom makeover will ensure your morning – or evening – routine is a pleasant one. 

Here are some bathroom designs making a splash in design circles.

Coastal cool

There's something very peaceful about the ocean, so why not draw inspiration from it for your bathroom's interior design?

There's an obvious link to incorporating a coastal theme into your bathroom's aesthetic: water. Some might call it a cliche, but fresh hues that are reminiscent of the sea are nothing to shrug at. 

Try your hand with paint shades such as Resene Seachange or Resene Meltwater. The former is a measured, ever-so-slightly mysterious blue, while the latter is a perky aquamarine shade that's sure to lift spirits. 

Shells and pebbles are a decorative essential – place these items on shelves and window ledges. There's no need to go overboard, as sometimes less really is more.

A framed image of an anchor, ship or your favourite beach spot adds an additional ocean-friendly touch, too. In terms of the frame itself, play with shades of cool white, seafoam and dark blue. Prints with flecks of gold also add a point of difference.

Whatever shade of blue you pick, keep the other accents crisp white for maximum contrast. Choose slate or dark tan tiles over wooden floorboards for a sophisticated feel. Plus, remember the luxury towels – deep blue or crisp white look equally stunning, particularly if you stack them up on an open shelf to add further splashes of colour.

Zany zebra

You don't need to adorn your bathroom in black and white stripes all over – in fact, this might cause you to squint!

However, you can certainly draw inspiration from one of the most aesthetically striking creatures in the animal kingdom.

A zebra's stripes make it stand out, and the same approach in your bathroom will really make a statement. However, consider adopting paler shades that won't contrast too boldly with each other.

This way, you create a room that's got a point of difference, without it being an eyesore. Pair thick, horizontal stripes of Resene Half Emerge with Resene El Nino for a chic look. These neutral shades look fantastic with minimalist bathroom fittings, such as a square freestanding sink and glass-walled shower.

Keep other decorative pieces to a minimum and instead let the stripes speak for themselves.

Mystical grey

For some, grey is a boring shade. It's called dull and bleak by many. 

Despite such attitudes, grey is actually an incredible versatile shade for home decoration, and it's certainly a winner in the bathroom. However, the trick is in choosing the perfect shade.

For example, some grey shades will lend an aura of chilliness, especially if they're dark shades with cool undertones. Deep shades might look striking on your property's exterior, but they're hardly going to make your bathroom a light, welcoming place.

Instead, focus on shades of grey with warm undertones. Rather than sticking with shades that will only bring the vibe of the room down, pick colours that are naturally bright. Paint that's somewhat glossy is a good idea if you're playing with grey, as it will reflect more light, meaning the space is much brighter.

Resene Friar Grey is a top-notch paint choice for your bathroom. With its yellow undertones, it's got a warmth that ensures the overall feel is fresh and chic rather than gloomy and dull. Pair it with cream and white accessories and a vase of brightly coloured flowers for a bathroom that pops!

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