Decorating inspiration gallery - Bathrooms

Below are a collection of projects, painting bathrooms, completed by keen DIY'ers. Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Resene Albescent White
Neutral palette

Resene Albescent White enhances the oak floors... more
Resene Half Thorndon Cream
Cottage bathroom

Light and simple interiors with Resene Half Thorndon Cream... more
Resene Metallic Blast Grey 1
Luxurious retreat

Resene Obelisk teamed with Resene Metallic Blast Grey 1 for the vanity unit... more
Resene Half Black White with Resene Quarter Black White trims and ceilings
Art meets colour

Resene Half Black White quarter strength trims and ceilings... more
Resene Quarter Ship Grey weatherboards
At home with colour

Resene William below and Resene Half Alabaster above... more
Resene testpots used in making mural
Toilet mural

Resene testpots make a colourful nautically themed mural... more
Resene Half white Pointer in this stunning bathroom
Smart and modern

Resene Half white Pointer features in this bathroom... more
Resene Gargoyle
A splash of colour

Resene Gargoyle makes the bathroom fittings 'pop'... more
Resene Abercrombie
New ensuite

Resene Abercrombie warms this ensuite - where four wardrobes were... more
Resene Half Escape with Resene Black White walls
Children's bathroom

Resene Half Escape with Resene Black White... more
Resene  Quarter Powder Blue
Favourite blues

She was inspired by blue colourings rather than neutral tones... more
Resene White
Resene White walls

The perfect fresh bright white that complements the tiles... more
Resene Half Napa on walls teamed with pink
Resene Half Napa

Clean, fresh with Resene Half Napa on walls and ceilings... more
Stripes of Resene Quarter Marino and Resene Polo Blue
Style in sync

Resene Quarter Marino wall with Resene Polo Blue stripes... more
a new look on a small budget
A bathroom revamp

Resene Half Silver Chalice gives a new look on a small budget... more
Resene Hot August feature wall
Floor art
This decorated bathroom floor has impact... more
Resene Jalapeno is joined by Resene Stack and Resene Sea Fog
70s inspiration

Resene Smoke Tree feature wall brightens this bathroom... more
Resene Pearl Lusta, Resene Oxygen and Resene Alabaster enamel
Inspired from France

Resene Pearl Lusta, Resene Oxygen and Resene Alabaster... more
Resene Flash Point
A colourful home

Resene Flashpoint glows with Resene Black White in the main bathroom... more
Resene Fizz in bathroom
Banish the boring

This bathroom is a bright yellow, Resene Fizz, and in the toilet Resene Smitten... more
Black and white tiles make a bold statemen
Art deco bathroom

Black and white tiles make a bold statement... more
Resene Periglacial Blue wallsResene Periglacial Blue
Resene Periglacial Blue walls, icy river blue with a hint of green... more
Resene Woodstock
Fun in the bathroom

They decided to have a little fun and Resene Woodstock is both fresh and serene... more
Resene Pale Leaf and wallpaper
Resene Pale Leaf

This bathroom was recreated from a hall cupboard and kitchen pantry... more
Bathroom with Resene Hot Wired and Resene Citron
Resene Citron

This bathroom is finished in Resene Half Pearl Lusta, Resene Hot Wired and Resene Citron... more
Resene Sweet As
Resene Sweet As

They used Resene Sweet As which they had seen in Your Home & Garden magazine... more
Resene Quarter Spanish White
Character full

A Mediterranean/Egyptian feeling using Resene Quarter Spanish White on the walls... more
Resene Chill Out
Bathroom renovation

They painted the walls in Resene Chill Out, which resembles a lime thickshake in colour.. more
 Resne Quarter Napa
Modern neutrals

The bathroom is finished in Resene Quarter Napa with lighter trims... more
Resene Half Napa

This ensuite features Resene Half Napa, Resene Milk White, Resene Fuscous Grey... more
Resene Black Sheep and Resene Half Black White
Major bathroom overhaul

Resene Half Black White on the walls and ceiling and Resene Black Sheep on cupboards... more
Resene Smashing
Colourful bathrooms

Originally planned to paint the bathrooms a neutral colour but with Resene Smashing... more
Resene Bird Flower
Bold colour choice

The bathroom door and toilet are bold with Resene Bird Flower and
Resene Pohutukawa... more
Derived from nature
Colours from nature

The colour schemes are derived from nature, or from a rock picked up from a nearby beach... more
Resene Double Tea
Evolving palette

The bathroom now has Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Double Tea... more
The main bathroom is finished in Resene Eighth Napa with a feature wall in Resene Seagrass
Seagrass bathroom

The main bathroom is finished in Resene Eighth Napa with a feature wall in Resene Seagrass... more
The bathroom is finished in Resene Pewter

The bathroom is in Resene Pewter for a faded decadent ambience for this room... more
Resene Spanish White
The Art Haus

Resene Spanish White is used on walls and Resene Half Spanish White on ceilings... more

Modern neutrals

Main bathroom is in Resene Double Sea Fog with tongue and groove walls... more
Resene Cranberry in bathroom
1934 bungalow

Resene Bordello, a warm and cosy colour, complements the tiles and the Resene Alabaster ceiling... more
Resene Limerick
Family bathroom

This family bathroom features Resene Limerick, Resene Alabaster and Resene Half Napa... more
Resene Cloud
Preserving history

New build bathroom features the warmth of Resene Alabaster... more
Resene Eighth Stack in ensuite
100+ year old villa

The ensuite features Resene Eighth stack with a Resene Quarter Stack bath... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Wine Berry
Colour galore

Resene Wine Berry in the ensuite with Resene Atoll in the main bathroom and toilet... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Kumutoto
Warm and inviting

Resene EzyPaint virtual painting programme helped them choose Resene Remy for the ensuite... more
Elegant interior colour scheme
Classical and timeless

Elegant interior colour scheme of Resene White Pointer and Resene Alabaster... more
Resene Half Ash
Wow factor

Three Resene wallpapers and a blackboard finish using Resene Black in the toilet... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Perfect Taupe
Bach blitz

Resene Comfort Zone with Resene Perfect Taupe was selected for the toilet... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Wasabi
Lounge to living

This rental bathroom is in Resene Stone Age with Resene Triple Spanish White... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Sugar Loaf
1950s bungalow

Resene Sugar Loaf walls with Resene Quarter Spanish White trims... more
Resene Periglacial Blue bathroom
DIY adventure

The bright new bathroom is painted in restful Resene Periglacial Blue... more
Resene Cloud bathroom
Stripes in the bathroom

They also used Resene Cloud to paint vertical stripes in the guest bathroom... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Bullitt
Kiwiana influence

White gloss tiles with Morris and James tiles, Resene Bullitt and Resene Half Spanish White... more
Resene Strikemaster bathroom
A theme of their own

Resene Alabaster and Resene Black ensuite and main bathroom Resene Strikemaster... more
Resene Sea Fog bathroom
Home at the beach

The bathroom is Resene Sea Fog with a Resene Daredevil splashback, which they love... more
Resene Cranberry in bathroom
Love of strong colours

Resene Cranberry features in the downstairs bathroom and Resene Broom in the upstairs one... more
Resene Xanadu on bathroom walls
Stunning bathroom

Bathroom in Resene Xanadu with Resene Quarter Spanish White... more
Mix and mingle

In the ensuite Resene Quarter Fossil was a great match with the tiles... more
A Bathroom transformed with painted laminate
Transforming the look

Using sealer over the swirling brown Seratone then topcoating with Resene Half Spanish White... more
The bathroom was refreshed with Resene Tea walls
Refreshed look

The bathroom was refreshed with Resene Tea and new tiles above the vanity... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Kumutoto
Sweet little art deco

Resene Kumutoto graces this bathroom with Resene Soapstone trims... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Half Pavlova
Natural neutrals

Resene Half Pavlova complements the cream tiles, mosaic stones and cream wall tiles... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Pelorus
Vibrant colours

Resene Pelorous features in the bathroom with white bath and vanity... more
Bathroom painted in vibrant Resene Orient
Bright spot

Resene Orient, the perfect choice. The blue is so vibrant and perfect for days spent by the beach... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Heathered Grey
Natural colours

Their ensuite is painted in Resene Heathered Grey and their bathroom is in Resene Robin Egg Blue... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Wasabi
Bold earthy colours

Resene Wasabi matches the two decorative tiles in the shower... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Zumthor
Early 1950s home

The toilet is a fresh, cool blue-grey, Resene Zumthor, which also works well with the Resene Kombi... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Icebreaker
Blue and tiles

White ceramic tiles were chosen to go halfway up the walls which are in Resene Icebreaker... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Tasman
As the mood takes

Resene Tasman also features in the bathroom and Resene Spanish White in the toilet... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Innuendo
Rewarding colours

Ensuite is in Resene Innuendo and the second bathroom is Resene Lemon Grass... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Double Pearl Lusta
Designed for adults

Amy's project was to create a family bathroom with an adult look in their newly purchased home... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Half Concrete
1920s bungalow

Resene Half Spanish White in the ensuite and Resene Half Concrete in the bathroom... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Gin Fizz

Resene Gin Fizz and tiles opened up the bathroom and made it feel much more spacious and bright... more
A Resene Sandspit Brown luxurious bathroom
English Country

Resene Sandspit Brown has given the room a completely new and luxurious look... more
Bathroom with Resene Wasabi
How romantic

Resene Wasabi works well with the black tiles, and Resene Half Spanish White... more
Resene Strikemaster
A modern sharp look

Bathroom and toilet are painted in Resene Delta and benchtops in the bathroom Resene Zeus... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Triple Joss
Tile match

Resene Triple Joss was chosen and as soon it went on the wall Sally knew it was the colour... more
Resene Lemon Twist bathroom walls
A warm palette

Resene Lemon Twist walls and the woodwork is finished in Resene Blank Canvas... more
Bathroom with Resene Quarter Pravda walls
1960s home

Resene Quarter Pravda in the bathroom and Resene Half Malta on ensuite walls... more
Bathroom and Resene Dell
Landmark house

The bathroom walls are tiled, with a green dado and wallpaper, with bath and ceiling in Resene Dell... more
Resene Hot Chile transforms a previosly brown bathroom
Resene Hot Chile

A brown bathroom is transformed with Resene Hot Chile and... more
Vibrant Bathroom
Framed in red

This colour gives the room such a vibrancy that they leave the bathroom door open most... more
Crisp Blue Bathroom
True blue

Resene Jacksons Purple is a fresh blue more than purple and sits well with terracotta tiles... more
Fresh clean bathroom
The right colours

The bathroom and laundry are both painted Resene Malibu Blue for a fresh clean atmosphere... more
Bathroom brightened by Resene Buttermilk
Small bathroom

A tiny second bathroom set itself up to be a challenging redecoration project... more
Purple undertones for a bathroom
1929s bungalow

Purple undertones, Resene Mischka and Resene Amethyst Smoke, in the bathrooms... more
Resene Whiskey walls with white bathroom ware
Retirement haven

Resene Whiskey, half strength in the walkthrough robe into full strength in the bathroom... more
A second bathroom
Brilliant discovery

The second bathroom was refurbished with Resene Double and Quarter Sandcastle... more

Don't be afraid to try

This bathroom features Resene Amethyst Smoke washed with Resene Paint Effects... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Milano
Red and white scheme

Resene Milano Red on two walls and white on remaining areas, the painting took two weekends... more
Resene Cactus and Resene Napa Paint
In-store inspiration

Seeing it in their local Resene ColorShop was enough to convince them about Resene Napa... more
Bathroom painted with Resene neutrals
Grand old villa

A delightful palette of Resene neutrals with Resene Triple Spanish White in the bathroom... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Texas Rose
Redoing a 60s bathroom

Resene Texas Rose teams with a fresh white and the room now positively glows with warmth... more
Resene Splash and Rainee Paint Colours
Rough start

Refurbishing his 1970s brown home, not one wall or ceiling was ready to paint... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Havelock Blue
Heritage home circa 1900

Resene Havelock Blue was applied to the back wall injecting both depth and warmth... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Lucky Point
Gold edged

In the bathroom Resene Lucky Point works well with the Rimu walls... more
Bathroom painted in Resene colours
A dream realised

The fantastic vision was finished, replicating a photograph taken when the family visited Bribie... more
New ensuite
Sunshine room

Angela's ensuite was originally a sunroom off a main bedroom now Resene Jacksons Purple... more
Create Stripes with Paint
Stripe suprise

Heather invented a new way to create stripes with clever combinations of Resene products... more
Crisp blue and white bathrooms
Neutral tones

Resene Spanish White on doors, skirtings and mouldings combined with Resene Sail... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Black White
Jazz up Lockwood

Resene Black White, matching the bath, shower and vanity perfectly, and Resene Nero... more
Bathroom painted in Resene Rose
New replica villa

Resene Rose for the main bedroom and ensuite bathroom... more
Resene Jelly Bean Painted bathroom
Bach makeover

Resene Jelly Bean features in the bach's two bathrooms... more
Resene Shiraz and Resene Conifer brighten a dull bathroom
Looking for light

They started revamping their bathroom to create a feeling of light, warmth and space... more
A Bright Bathroom
A dream

Keen to get a bathroom different from the standard, Lynda took control of the room... more
A Fresh Colour Scheme for you bathroom
Non cream dream

Freshly painted Resene Puerto Rico walls and crisp white painted ceiling and windows... more
Resene Decadence creates a marine themed bathroom
Evolving palette

Resene Decadence - a continuous wave that flows around the top of the wall... more
Borders like waves in a bathroom
Wave effect

Selecting the new bathroom colours called for some brightening up of the scheme... more
Bathroom ideas from NZ House & Garden magazine
Fresh new colours to update a bathroom
Fresh new colours

Time for a bathroom or laundry refresh? Make a splash with fresh new colours... more
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