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  How to clean brushes and rollers


From the What's New archive - June 2008...

Resene has long recommended the 'two container' system for cleaning decorating tools and accessories as it is easy to do and minimises water and solvent use and continues to do so today. This system is quick and simple and ideal for most projects with no investment other than a couple of large containers.

However, for those that prefer to have a wash unit, Resene has worked with RA Industries of Australia to bring their Reclaimer system to New Zealand.

RA Industries design and manufacture the Reclaimer system and they have been sold and used successfully in Australia for many years. All waste suspended in water can be treated in the system - printer's inks, cement effluent, tilerís, painterís, rendererís and artistís washout can all go into the Reclaimer system.

The Resene WashWise Reclaimer is portable, quick and easy to use with quick separation, requires only a low quantity of treatment chemicals reducing the materials needed to separate the water and paint, and the water phase can be used as the primary wash for application equipment and returned to the unit minimising water consumption.

The grey water from a Reclaimer until after 1 hour of settling will pass through a 5 micron filter. After 12 hours settlement it will pass through a 0.5 micron carbon filter. The technology is based on the same flocculation techniques used in paint factories that require stages of additives and agitation. All that is needed for ongoing use is Resene WashWise Reclaimate.

Each Resene WashWise Reclaimer is manufactured from industrial grade fibreglass and coated on the inside with chemical resistant gel coat. This provides a durable long-term solution that can stand up to the rigours of the weather.

The high quality effluent produced by this system can be reused saving massive amounts of potable water. Field-testing shows that 95% of the original water can be saved each treatment and reused. If the system is in permanent use in a static situation the holding tank can be regularly topped up and polished to extend water quality and water savings.

The Reclaimer system has been thoroughly tested and confirmed for use by The Queensland Government and separately by Sydney Water in conjunction with the Master Painters Association of NSW.

With the Resene WashWise Reclaimer taking care of all waterborne paint wash waste, the Resene 'two container' system can be used to take care of the solventborne wash.

For more information on the Resene WashWise Reclaimer system, contact your Resene representative.

For more information on the 'two container' cleaning system see the Resene DIY Info sheet How to clean brushes and rollers available from Resene ColorShops and online. (You will need Acrobat Reader).

Resene has also developed a mini Resene WashWise unit that’s quick and easy to move around. Just $199 + GST including starter pack of treatment chemicals.

‘Mini’ WashWise how to use label.

View Environment Canterbury – Advice for Trade Painters – Trade Paint Waste.

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