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Mediterranean ambience

The proverbial “happy place” – we all have one. It’s the place that daydreams are made of, where life’s problems are resolved and hopes and dreams are restored. It’s a place of calmness, serenity and pure escapism.

Your home should reflect this happy place, it should be the sanctuary that you retreat to after a hard day and should envelop you in a sense of calm. What if you could make that happy place a reality and bring that calmness and serenity to your home? The all new Camargue collection from BN Wallcoverings International does just that.

Inspired by Camargue, a region in France which lies between the Rhone River and the Mediterranean Sea, this collection has captured the warm colours, tones and natural beauty that this area is famous for. Wild white horses run freely along vast sandy beaches, the breeze sweeps across grassy plains and native birds glide effortlessly on the many lagoons that dot the region.

Make your home your happy place; dress your walls in the Camargue collection.

Inspired by Camargue Inspired by Camargue Inspired by Camargue Inspired by Camargue

Fancy a feature? Get it with walltrends III

Feature walls are increasingly being used in interior schemes to bring elements of focus and style to a space. Make a statement based on today’s trends, then change it as often as you like.

walltrends III walltrends III walltrends III walltrends III

Cocoon yourself in soothing wallcoverings from the Whites and Neutrals collection

Balance and harmony are created in calm interiors, take the easier living option by dressing your walls in this Whites and Neutrals collection. Combine soft white on white patterns with calm neutral textures of taupe, biscuit and cream to create an atmosphere of peace with a quiet style.

Wallcoverings from the Whites and Neutrals collection Wallcoverings from the Whites and Neutrals collection Wallcoverings from the Whites and Neutrals collection Wallcoverings from the Whites and Neutrals collection

New York, New York

Frank Sinatara said it best when he crooned the lyrics “I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps” as he paid tribute to one of the world’s greatest cities in his hit song New York, New York. Through words, he painted an iconic picture, forever etched into our minds of the atmosphere, bright lights and endless nights in a bustling metropolis.

The City Lights wallpaper collection brings that same atmosphere to life and into your home by skilfully referencing the spectacle that is New York City at night, transporting you to a world of modern metropolitan flair.

A metallic look runs through this extravagant collection, which primarily features silvery-grey and deep black backgrounds. Light mouse grey creates an industrial chic, and looks great in combination with the collection's eye-catching colourwash patterns. Highlights are skilfully provided in the form of a bold red and understated aubergine colour, both streaked with fine silver threads. These create a woven diamond design, lending any room a modern big-city look. Embossed lines of varying width break up the textured pattern and reveal tiny honeycomb structures, which shimmer finely like the skin of a reptile.

City Lights wallpaper collection City Lights wallpaper collection City Lights wallpaper collection City Lights wallpaper collection

Mod style meets modern day

In terms of fashion and design, the 20th century is arguably one of the most influential and diverse with different decades representing definitive trends. Two iconic decades within the 20th century are by far the 60s and 70s, which brought us the timeless and ever-fashionable ‘Mod’ style.

Now known as ‘Retro’ style, Mod fashion – which has never really left the fashion scene – is again going from strength-to-strength as we see a strong sense of nostalgia dominating many new and existing trends sweeping through the fashion and interior design world. Grandeco has successfully reinterpreted these two iconic decades and created the appropriately named Retrospective collection.

Patterns, combined with stripes and plain colours, meet each other with soft, flowing contours and graphic elements to create an exciting, authentic contrast to today's modern interior style. Create a sublime ambience for your sophisticated urban environment.

The nostalgic Retrospective collection The nostalgic Retrospective collection The nostalgic Retrospective collection The nostalgic Retrospective collection

Vintage styled variety

The age-old saying tells us that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and we regularly need to search outside the box for a style that sets us apart and is anything but plain.

The Exposed collection brings vintage inspired themes to a modern world with a broad variety of patterns that will appeal to the most discerning taste from the self-proclaimed wine connoisseur to the budding historian. Exposed covers a wide range of photographic type designs, such as distressed wood, metal panels, wine boxes, suitcases and many more.

The Exposed wallpaper collection has vintage inspired themes The Exposed wallpaper collection has vintage inspired themes The Exposed wallpaper collection has vintage inspired themes The Exposed wallpaper collection has vintage inspired themes

European renaissance meets modern style

Throughout time, styles evolve, fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye and tastes and preferences contrast from one generation to the next. New styles and trends are constantly emerging and evolving and in a globalised world we are treated to up-to-the-minute designs with a look to satisfy all tastes.

As new designs flow from design studios worldwide, the classical stylings of some of history’s most influential eras are still evident – sometimes subtle but often a direct reflection of a specific artistic movement. New Bellagio, from Grandeco in Belgium, draws its inspiration from the European Renaissance, widely known as one of the most important and strongest cultural shifts of all time.

New Bellagio presents a superb compilation of sumptuous textures and warming colours making this collection essential in defining your space. Sparkly florals along with classically inspired stripes and damasks are partnered with textured plains to suit your style. A modern twist adds to these classically inspired works of wallcovering art.

New Bellagio wallcoverings inspired by the European Renaissance New Bellagio wallcoverings inspired by the European Renaissance New Bellagio wallcoverings inspired by the European Renaissance New Bellagio wallcoverings inspired by the European Renaissance

Charm casts a spell on your interior

A romantic high tea over the weekend, amidst the flowery splendour of an English garden. Finely wrought iron chairs, a serving tray with a decorated china tea set. Soft colours and subtle scents. The peonies lightly swaying in the spring breeze. At night, a cocktail in the seductive lounge. Decorated cushions on the soft couches, deep colours on the walls. A rich and warm atmosphere, vintage combined with new. The subdued light reveals an almost magical pattern.

Charm makes different eras melt into one another by means of pure attraction. A collection with classical ornaments, charming damasks and medallions in modern colours. Contemporary flower silhouettes, grand geometry and magnificent stripes.

A rich range of colours with deep shades and delicate hues. Suede, crayon, metallic, and gloss. Original and contemporary, with a variety in materials inspired by antique patterns from the rich past. Charm casts a spell on your interior with present-day luxury.

Available from selected stores only.

Charm wallacoverings in a rich range of colours with deep shades and delicate hues Charm wallacoverings in a rich range of colours with deep shades and delicate hues Charm wallacoverings in a rich range of colours with deep shades and delicate hues Charm wallacoverings in a rich range of colours with deep shades and delicate hues

Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life

The sun warms your skin. A sea breeze through your hair. Sand between your toes. The salty smell of the sea. Idyllic memories to cherish forever. Shells cracking underneath your feet. Lazily lounging on the beach. Comfortable cushions on weather-beaten wooden benches.

Nature, sometimes tender and soft, then suddenly wild and fierce. Almond trees in bloom, wild flowers in the fields. Waves crashing on the shore. Rugged rocks frame intimate bays. A paradise on earth. A refuge for artists and pleasure-lovers. Partying all through the night. Hand-embroidered fabrics, colourful pareos and bright beads. Plenty of inspiration for a patchwork of designs.

Ibiza has it all. A variety of faces and ambiences. Capture your holiday feeling at home. Surround yourself with the Ibiza collection, and relive your beautiful journey over and over again. Hand-painted flowers, colourful batiks, bright whites. A home filled with positive energy. ‘Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.’

Available from selected stores only.

Ibiza wallcovering range Ibiza wallcovering range Ibiza wallcovering range Ibiza wallcovering range

They dance. Thousands of tiny pearls illuminate.

Evening falls. The city that never sleeps, spirals into perpetual motion. A spectrum of sparkles in the dark, everywhere. The skyline of a metropolis. Stars twinkling in the night blue sky. Sometimes half hidden behind a haze, then again dazzlingly strong.

Headlights shine, gone in a flash. The moon reflects in the pond of Central Park. Inside, it is comfortable and warm. Behind the velvet curtains, a luxurious lounge. Soft cushions, swishing skirts, a sensuous perfume. Her high heels on the shiny wooden floor. His cuff links glistening with every movement. They dance. Thousands of little pearls illuminate.

LUZ is like the sparkling in his dark eyes. Different with every touch of light, but always there. Powerful and distinct, or subtle and refined. LUZ is a seductive collection. Dark shadows, extremely tactile. Voluptuous radiance, in a range of different shapes and patterns. A play of light caught by your own walls. Will you be seduced?

Available from selected stores only.

Luz wallcovering range Luz wallcovering range Luz wallcovering range Luz wallcovering range

A home with heart is a home with spirit

A clear blue sky. A studio with high windows, a painter’s easel standing fully in the light. Full of inspiration, the painter wields his brush, his forehead beading with pearls of sweat. The delightful scent of a freshly-picked bouquet of flowers slowly saturates the space with creativity. Skillful strokes on the canvas. The house is bright and colourful.

Warm wooden furniture, printed spreads. Fine bracelets jingle around slender wrists, while a woman arranges the flowers once more. The pattern on her skirt dances along with her, as she moves gracefully through the room.

Real beauty, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many. The Muse collection is filled with the same spirit. Elegant, hand-painted flowers, from wild and lush to modest and refined. Softly bordered medallions, fine paisleys, multi-coloured stripes and decorative frames. MUSE, a home filled with pure inspiration.

Available from selected stores only.

Muse wallcovering range Muse wallcovering range Muse wallcovering range Muse wallcovering range

As magical as the tale from the Thousand and One Nights

Stars twinkle in the deep blue sky. Bathed in moonlight, the palace along the river envelops its hidden treasures. Shimmering lights, beautiful mosaics, hand-woven carpets and fine silverware. Behind the heavy entrance gate lie endless vistas to the richness of the past. Elegant ornate fences create a magical shadow play in the courtyards. In the ballroom, thousands of tiny lights splash apart on the shiny polished floor. Sparkling jewellery, embroidered slippers and a sultry perfume. She moves gracefully through the extravagant rooms, on her way to a new story.

Yasmin is an enchanting collection, just like the tales from the Thousand and One Nights. Geometric patterns, mosaic tiles, Oriental script and fine henna lines in sparkling pearls or matted velvet referring to magical places from the past. Immerse your home completely in these lush atmospheres, or give your interior a subtle exotic touch.

Available from selected stores only.

Yasmin wallcovering range Yasmin wallcovering range Yasmin wallcovering range Yasmin wallcovering range

The cure for “itchy feet”

We’ve all suffered from a case of “itchy feet” at some point in our life. For the perpetual traveller, that itch never goes away. The idea of laying down roots can strike fear into the heart of someone who has fallen head over heels for the laid-back nomadic lifestyle of those on a never ending O.E where the solution to life’s problems is to “pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.”

When the time comes to settle down and make your house into a home, you needn’t give up that sense of adventure, the memories shouldn’t be supressed in dust covered photo albums at the back of a cupboard. Your own home can be dressed to recreate that round-the-world experience with the all new Passport collection from York Wallcoverings.

Sail the seas, ride the waves, explore the world. North, South, East and West. Images of the world’s most exotic destinations are complemented by stories of the journey itself…. beauty abounds… without leaving your home… it all starts with Passport.

The new Passport collection from York Wallcoverings

Hidden richness, timeless style

Life: ever noticed that it seems to be moving faster and faster as the years go by? People are busier, trends pass us by in a blur and the weeks and months seem to roll together whilst the demands of our bustling lifestyles take over. Amidst this whirlwind, these demands begin to clash against our desires to keep up with fashion trends, express our own individual style and find time to relax and to create a sanctuary within our home that allows us to do this. In this modern fast-paced era, longevity of style is the key to a low maintenance yet trendy interior look. A style that will not date for years to come despite evolving trends and that only requires the minimum time taken from our busy schedule. Enter – the all new Hidden Richness collection from Grand Deco. The Hidden Richness Collection reflects trends in modern wallcoverings for different worlds of style and spirit. Soft translucent reflections of light are echoed in the soft pastel pearl combinations. Dreams of mogul palace interiors bathed in cool dawn light create a combination that seduces the senses of a wide audience.

Add style to your walls whilst maintaining a subtle balance so as not to overpower your space and maintain a look that that will withstand the test of time.

The all new Hidden Richness collection from Grand Deco

Dressed to impress

The dictionary defines elegant as something gracefully refined and dignified. The word itself is synonymous with class, style and exquisite taste that each of us possess in our own unique way. It is this style and taste that we express visually in the way we present ourselves and, just as importantly, the way we present our homes.

For those who identify with such refinement and class, personal taste and lifestyle will mirror the dignity and grace that encompasses all things elegant. Social gatherings dot the calendar throughout the year with hosts opening the doors of their proudly decorated homes to cherished guests and into an atmosphere of sophisticated conversation and fine dining. The first impression created by the fine décor of the host’s home sets the scene for an evening of enjoyment.

Driven by the success of Elegance, Edition II presents a pleasant understatement in design and colour palette. Tradition meets country charm to create a rustic ambience. Leafy botanicals complement wide block stripes, large checks and baroque ornamentation to give this collection the broadest design appeal. Delicate grasses and embossed branches with gentle mother-of-pearl shimmer form a playful contrast that coordinates with the designs to exude warmth and cosiness throughout the house.

Elegance, Edition II wallpapers

Recreate the magic of Disney at your place

You can bring the magic that is Disney into your home projects with the Disney collection. You'll find all the well-loved Disney characters such as Cinderella, Lightning McQueen, Rapunzel and Buzz Lightyear in this range designed to delight and inspire the imagination of your children. Classics like Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are guaranteed to bring a smile to young faces. The collection includes wallpaper, murals and peel and stick wall decals so you can mix and match to suit your space. Everything you need for the young, and the young at heart.

The Disney collection is available for viewing and ordering at Resene ColorShops (NZ) only.

Disney Toy story mural characters wallpapers Cars mural Mickey Mouse wall appliques
Toy story mural Cars mural Mickey Mouse appliques

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